Live Sydney

Australia. Well I guess this is the dream destination of most of the students who want to study abroad. If you are one of them, you need to know that work and life go on hand in hand. Surely it has got some great colleges under its belt, but then Australia is not about just colleges. It has got more grenade.

If you think that you will go to Australia, study there whole day and night and get great scores and then life would be set, you are mistaken. There is no perfect time to live your life than “now”. And if you are planning to study in Sydney, I say work hard. Reach there and then experience it. How can Sydney be experienced? Nothing complicated, go to college, come back, study and take a walk around these places-:

Darling Harbour-: Known as the waterfront district, at a distance of 10 minutes from the main city, this place is heaven. From shopping, to clubs, to fantastic restaurant. You come here once and you will want to come again.

The Rocks-: Considered as a slum until the 19th century, this place is now the perfect destination with historic pubs, a weekly market, walking tours and souvenir shops. This is at the heart of Sydney, Sydney’s city center.

Coo gee Beach-: Go take a stroll along this, coo gee is one the most coveted beaches. You can stop for a film at Ritz cinema built in 1937, a heritage listed Art Deco cinema. Or have some snacks, go for some clothing deals or watch surfers.

Don’t stop yourself, don’t limit yourself, you are what you think you are.

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