Idioms For May 7 #9

Your success and failure are always in your head. What is in your head?? Well, go and read more to find out what exactly is in your head.

All your eggs in one basket-:
Sentence-: It is good to take risk, but putting all eggs in one basket often is foolish.
Meaning-: It is used in a negative risk. it means to put a risk where you are going to lose everything.
All ears-:
Sentence-: keep going, I am all ears.
Meaning-: Listening very carefully.
All in your head-:
Sentence-: I think I need to relax a bit, maybe it is all in my head.
Meaning-: It means you are imagining things, may be making things worse than they really are.
All in a day’s work-:
Sentence-: hey, don’t feel guilty; it was all in a day’s work.
Meaning-: it means that something is not a big deal.
On the go-:
Sentence-: I had a long day, I was always on the go.
Meaning-: very busy

Prepare these words, use them, remember, success is always one step away.

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