Full Of Beans

Life is meant live in full of beans. Go on read more and find out what I mean by “full of beans”.

Your guess is as good as mine
Sentence-: If you really know the answer tell me, otherwise your guess is as good as mine.
Meaning-: To have no idea about a particular thing
Whole Nine Yards
Sentence-:I don’t want a piece of it from here and there; I want the whole nine yards.
Meaning-: all of it
Hear something straight from the horse mouth
Sentence-: You may either make guesses here and there or hear to something straight from the horse mouth.
Meaning-: To hear something from authoritative person.
Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Sentence-: It is easy to command but the real you is discovered only when you have tasted your own medicine.
Meaning-: something happens with you that you were doing with someone else
Take a grain of salt
Sentence-: There will be many who will advice you; it is your choice whether to follow it or take a grain of salt.
Meaning-: to not take something seriously
On your beam ends
Sentence-: you need to make sure that when you are on your beam ends, you have ways to work it out.
Meaning-: near the end of your resources
Full of beans
Sentence-: Archit is always full of beans.
Meaning-: lively; in high spirits
Give someone beans
Sentence-: The teacher gave archie some beans when he came late for three days in a row.
Meaning-: Scold or deal severely with a person
A hill of beans
Sentence-: what others think of you must be a hill of beans for you.
Meaning-: something of little importance or value
Beat a hasty retreat
Sentence-: he beat the hasty retreat when Avinash offered him alcohol.
Meaning-: withdraw, typically in order to avoid something unpleasant

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