A Tall Poppy

It takes a lot of hard work, lot of listening to your heart before you become a tall poppy. What am I talking about? Keep reading, Keep learning and figure out what am I talking?

Talk a good game
Meaning-: talk convincingly but fail to act effectively.
Sentence-: the political parties know how to talk a good game.
A tall order
Meaning-: something that is difficult to accomplish
Sentence-: landing on moon must have looked like a tall order until Neil Armstrong did it.
A tall poppy
Sentence-: Barack Obama is a tall poppy worldwide
Meaning-: a privileged or distinguished person
Blessing In Disguise
Sentence-:Not being able to do a Khan film, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Kangana Ranaut.
Meaning-: something good that was not recognized earlier
Cannot judge a book by its cover
Sentence-:If you judge a book by its cover you lose a lot on its content.
Meaning-: You cannot judge a person by his/her physical appearance.
Caught between two stools
Sentence-:It is really tough to move on if you are caught between two stools.
Meaning-: to find it difficult to choose between two alternatives
Cross That Bridge when you come to it
Sentence-: Sometimes it is good to cross the bridge when you come to it. but usually it is preferred that you avoid it first hand.
Meaning-: deal with a problem when it becomes necessary
Cry Over Split Milk
Sentence-: You cannot always cry over the split milk, sometimes you need to just move on.
Meaning-: to cry over a loss from the past
In tandem
Sentence-: being in tandem while exiting often reduces the chances of a stampede
Meaning-: one behind another
A tangled web
Sentence-: running after money will always lead you to a tangled web of problems.
Meaning-: a complex, difficult and confusing situation or thing.

Go fellas, follow your dreams before you are caught in a tangled web.

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