A Tall Poppy

It takes a lot of hard work, lot of listening to your heart before you become a tall poppy. What am I talking about? Keep reading, Keep learning and figure out what am I talking?

Talk a good game
Meaning-: talk convincingly but fail to act effectively.
Sentence-: the political parties know how to talk a good game.
A tall order
Meaning-: something that is difficult to accomplish
Sentence-: landing on moon must have looked like a tall order until Neil Armstrong did it.
A tall poppy
Sentence-: Barack Obama is a tall poppy worldwide
Meaning-: a privileged or distinguished person
Blessing In Disguise
Sentence-:Not being able to do a Khan film, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Kangana Ranaut.
Meaning-: something good that was not recognized earlier
Cannot judge a book by its cover
Sentence-:If you judge a book by its cover you lose a lot on its content.
Meaning-: You cannot judge a person by his/her physical appearance.
Caught between two stools
Sentence-:It is really tough to move on if you are caught between two stools.
Meaning-: to find it difficult to choose between two alternatives
Cross That Bridge when you come to it
Sentence-: Sometimes it is good to cross the bridge when you come to it. but usually it is preferred that you avoid it first hand.
Meaning-: deal with a problem when it becomes necessary
Cry Over Split Milk
Sentence-: You cannot always cry over the split milk, sometimes you need to just move on.
Meaning-: to cry over a loss from the past
In tandem
Sentence-: being in tandem while exiting often reduces the chances of a stampede
Meaning-: one behind another
A tangled web
Sentence-: running after money will always lead you to a tangled web of problems.
Meaning-: a complex, difficult and confusing situation or thing.

Go fellas, follow your dreams before you are caught in a tangled web.

Relax Effectively While Preparing

You need not to prepare for IELTS consciously every time. It is not like winning a world war, wherein you need to be attentive 24/7. No. It is a little difficult exam, especially for the non-native speakers, but then all IELTS checks is whether you know English or not.

Does that mean you should relax 15 hours a day and then study four hours a day? It depends on your level of English proficiency. When I say relax, I mean relax effectively.

What do you do when you are tired of studying for IELTS? Take a walk? Or go to you tube and watch some videos. Instead of wasting your time in some videos that have nothing to do with IELTS or calling people whom you talk in your native language. There is a better option to relax.

Listen to English songs. You may say they contain slangs. Yes they do. What then? Listen to old English songs. It could be The Beatles. Learn their lyrics and try to sing them the way you sing your native songs.
This way you may be able to relax while still continuing with your preparation of IELTS.

You need to give it your all, to get something out of it. You actually need to breathe IELTS to get a good score. Remember, more the sweat shed in practice, less is the bloodshed in war.

Write Well In IELTS

Effective Writing is not just about vocabulary or how much knowledge you have. It is more than it. It requires more of your time and more of your ideas. Go and read now, what makes a write up an effective one.

Write Well In IELTS

1.Answer all the questions-: IELTS is not like your other exams, where you are given marks for the right answer, and for every wrong answer marks are deducted. You are given marks for every right answer and not penalize for wrong answers. Remember this.

2.Read carefully-: Although this is something you must have heard n number of times, but the fact is this is something you ought to do. Read the question carefully, each question, no matter how trivial they seem, read them carefully.

3.Plan-: Plan while writing?? Yes. Take two to three minutes before you start writing. Visualize how and what you are going to write. Don’t just read the question and start writing, frame it before hand. You can even make rough notes, if you want to.

4.How To Write-: Now this is the point. How should you frame your write up? Make sure you have ten words per sentence. In that way, if there is a essay of 150 words, and you need to write three paragraphs, each paragraph should have five lines each. Make sure your first sentence, is the topic sentence.

5.Vocabulary-: It is not necessary that you have a wide range of vocabulary, if you can describe what you want to say. But usually it is preferred that you know synonyms of words. It is better that you don’t repeat words. Rather, use synonyms.

No, matter how much you prepare, all that matters is how to give the exam. So, make sure to have a positive mind set while giving the test.