Write Well In IELTS

Effective Writing is not just about vocabulary or how much knowledge you have. It is more than it. It requires more of your time and more of your ideas. Go and read now, what makes a write up an effective one.

Write Well In IELTS

1.Answer all the questions-: IELTS is not like your other exams, where you are given marks for the right answer, and for every wrong answer marks are deducted. You are given marks for every right answer and not penalize for wrong answers. Remember this.

2.Read carefully-: Although this is something you must have heard n number of times, but the fact is this is something you ought to do. Read the question carefully, each question, no matter how trivial they seem, read them carefully.

3.Plan-: Plan while writing?? Yes. Take two to three minutes before you start writing. Visualize how and what you are going to write. Don’t just read the question and start writing, frame it before hand. You can even make rough notes, if you want to.

4.How To Write-: Now this is the point. How should you frame your write up? Make sure you have ten words per sentence. In that way, if there is a essay of 150 words, and you need to write three paragraphs, each paragraph should have five lines each. Make sure your first sentence, is the topic sentence.

5.Vocabulary-: It is not necessary that you have a wide range of vocabulary, if you can describe what you want to say. But usually it is preferred that you know synonyms of words. It is better that you don’t repeat words. Rather, use synonyms.

No, matter how much you prepare, all that matters is how to give the exam. So, make sure to have a positive mind set while giving the test.

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