More Punctuation # Grammar For IELTS

Semicolon represents a pause of greater importance as compared to comma.

  1. Used to separate the clauses of compound statements when they contain comma.
    For example-: he was intelligent, strong; and we all loved him.
  2. Used to separate a loosely connected clauses.
    For example-: Today we love what tomorrow we hate; today we seek what tomorrow we shun; today we desire what tomorrow we fear.
Colon marks a more complete pause when compared to semi colon. It is used after dash sometimes.

  1. Colon is used to introduce quotation.
    For example-: she says:-“ reading is a good habit”.
  2. Colon is used after enumerations, examples, etc;
    For example-: the principal parts of verb are : the present tense, the past tense and the past participle.
  3. Colon is also used within sentences which are closely connected but are independent.
    For example-: study to acquire a habit of thinking: no study is more important.
Question mark is used after a direct question,
For example-: Where have you been?
Exclamation mark is used after interjection or phrases or sentences showing sudden emotions.
For example-: what a terrible day this is!
Inverted commas are used to enclose the exact words of a person.
For example-: Rama said,” You must work hard.”
  1. Dash is used to indicate an abrupt stop or change of thought.
    For example-: I wish we were together- but why lament the past?
  2. Dash is also used to resume a scattered subject.
    For example-: teachers, friends and enemies- all present here.
Hyphen is a shorter line than dash and is used to connect parts of compound words.
For example-: man-of-war, jack-of-all-trades
Parentheses is used to put a particular phrase that may not grammatically fit in the sentence but is added because it adds more information.
For example-: She got the admissions( it was all she wished) in Harvard business school.
  1. It is used to show the omission of letters,
    For example-: don’t  do not
  2. It is used to form the plurals of letters and figures.
    For example-: they make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s.


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