Sample Test #Speaking Section

Part 1 Answer the following examiner questions
Can you tell me your full name?
What shall I call you?
Which country do you come from?
Whereabouts is your home town?
Tell me about the countryside outside your town.

Now let us talk about your family
How big is your family?
How often do you spend time together?
What do you enjoy doing as a family?
In what way do the members of your family keep in touch with each other?

we all are in computer era.
How often do you use the computer? What for?
Do you prefer using the Internet? Why/why not?
How did you learn to use a computer?
In your opinion is it important for a commoner to know how to use a computer? Why/why not?

we all live in so much of rush, so much of work pressure.
What do you do to keep you healthy?
Why do you think, people still avoid doing regular exercise?

You are given two minutes to talk about the given topic. time will be given to read the topic and make notes and prompts.
Describe a typical day at your school,college or office.
You must say:
What do you do?
when do you do that?
How long have you been doing the routine?
If given a chance would you change anything about your routine?
At the end of your part 2 talk, the examiner may ask you one or two questions to close the topic. These are usually yes/no questions that do not need extended answers.
Do your friends have similar routine?
Do you generally like routines?

The examiner will ask you some questions that relate to your topic, but on a more general or abstract level. You must give extended responses and the language must be formal

let’s talk about how people feel about routines.
Do young people and old people have different attitudes to routines where you live?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a daily routine?
let’s consider choice in routines
What according to you are the factors that influence most people’s daily routines?
Do you think people get enough choice in their daily routines? Why/why not?
What about changes in routines?
what is the difference between work or study schedules as compared to past? why?
in what way will people’s routine change in future?

So, practice this test. The IELTS test are quite similar i.e they have a set pattern of asking questions. So, remember the more you practice, the better score you get.

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