Colors # Speaking Section

Colors Speaking Section

Colors are everywhere and every individual his/her own tastes in colors. There are some who have a particular taste, and then there are some who like every color equally. No matter what is your opinion about color, you surely do have an opinion. Questions related to colors are even asked in the Part I of the speaking section. Let us have a look at some of the questions that could be asked in IELTS related to color.

  1. Do you have a favorite color?

Well, I really do like all the colors but shades of violet are the ones I mostly prefer.

2. Do you think colors affect our moods?

I think yes. Colors do have some effect on our moods. For example-: red usually gives that feeling of excitement or love or anger, depending on the individual. White calms our minds.

3. Can you learn anything from the color an individual likes?

Well, psychology does says that we can know about the individual from the color they like. For example, people who like purple are often considered more artistic while those who like white are termed to be more organized.

4.  Do you like the same colors as you liked in your childhood?

Well, my choice of favorite color has changed a lot many times since childhood. There was a time when I like black and then red. It is only in recent times that I have stuck with violet.


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Well Known Personalities # Band 8

Getting a band 8 is a dream for many. Speaking section in IELTS consist of three parts. Given below are question of the discussion part with topic, well known personality. The answers are of band 8 level.

Being in the public eye, celebrities are noticed by everybody. What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

The advantage is that lot of people are watching you so become famous. There are lot of things that you can do correctly and politically right. There is media watching you and you can go ahead and pass the message to the media in a right way. The disadvantage is that you have to be diplomatic correct. If there are certain things that are wrong, they still have to do it because they have political pressure.

What is the media’s approach to reporting about famous people?

Well, media plays an important role. At times media shows things that are not correct. They portray in a wrong way and the common person forms a wrong image. Although there are even times they do show the famous people in right light.

Do you think anything can be done about it?

Well, not really because it today’s world what has happened is that everything is communicated through media. All you can do is call media and answer to public about the issues or may be give justification.

Media often reports about trivial issues rather than important issues. But people do like trivial issues, what is the reason behind it?

Because these days people like to listen to gossip or trivial things. They are not interested in larger picture. They have a simple life and live it their own way. There are only few people interested in knowing about the country and getting all the information.

How advertisers are use the famous people?

Well, famous people are used because they can promote the product. Second, they have fans and if they see their favourites using a particular product, they are more likely to use them. Also, it is money making. For example, if Mahatma Gandhi wore a watch of titan, I will wear it as well.


Wedding # Speaking Section

Wedding are the most common thing in a country. There shall be rarely any country where no one marries. Keeping this in mind, often questions in IELTS are asked about wedding. These questions are asked in the first part of the IELTS speaking section.

1. Have you ever been to wedding?

Yes, I have been to wedding many a times.

2. Whose wedding was it?

I have been to wedding of my relatives and friends. I have also gone to wedding of friends of friends.

3. What clothes do people wear in weddings?

Mostly people wear traditional clothes. Women usually wear saree, suit or lehanga. Men wear, sherwani or other formals. However, it all also depends on the relationship one shares with the person getting married. People who are just acquaintances often come in casual clothes.

4. How is wedding celebrated in your culture.

Everyone has their own way of celebrating weddings. In our culture, the guests arrive before the bride and the groom. Next comes the groom,  sitting on a horse and all his relatives come along with him. After some times, comes the bride with her sisters beside her, like a queen and the groom makes her sit on the stage. Then the “jaimal” i.e the bride and groom share garlands with each other. Next on, the other ceremonies take place. It is after seven circumambulations that they are considered married couple.

5. What sort of gifts do people give to the bride and groom?

People mostly give gifts that will be helpful for the married couple in their married life. Some give crockery or dresses for the bride and groom or electronic items. There are even people who give money. But the most important thing is they all give blessings  and I think that is the most important gift anyone could give.


Games # Speaking Section

Games are something that depend on an individual. It is always an individual choice, whether to play a game or not or whether to like a particular game. Let us have a look at some of the questions that could be asked in IELTS Speaking Section Part I related to games.

  1. Do you enjoy playing any games?

I think games play a very important part in our lives and everyone either loves watching or playing a particular game. I love to play cricket. I also like to play those indoor games, with my family, like chess or ludo.

2. Do you think adults should play games?

I believe every individual should play games. Games help in the mental and physical exercise without letting us know about the work we are doing. Adults require them the most. They usually lead a very stressful life. Games could prove to be a recreation activity for them wherein they could get to connect with their family and friends and also help them to stay fit.

3. What do children learn from games?

I think learning is the most underrated part of games. A child who plays a particular game learns a lot from it. He/she learns the importance of time management, team spirit. He/she learns how to respect every opinion and still be distinguished. For example-: a child playing football knows that it is not about who scored how much, it is about whether the team won or not. Even more they learn how to accept failures. So, I think a games help in an all-round development of a child and every child must play.

4. What kind of games did you play when you were a child?

As a child I played a lot of games. We used to play cricket, football, badminton, kho-kho, hide and seek. I also enjoyed playing monopoly, ludo, chess and even carom. Playing these games with my friends or brothers and sisters, used to be real fun.

5. What games are popular in your country today?

Our country cherishes every kind of sport. However, cricket is the one sport that unites the entire country. People of my country are crazy about cricket and you will find cricket teams in every colony of our country. However, with time and some attempts by government, people are now even paying attention to games such as kabaddi, tennis and football.

6. Do you think mental games like chess are good for you?

I personally think yes. Chess or any other mental game, inculcates the habit of taking decisions and even more taking right decisions in the stressful times. Other games like sudoko improves the analyzing power of an individual.


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