IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Dating

Dating is when two people meet either because they want to assess each other for future relationship, or as friends just to hang out together and make some memories. No matter what reason you choose for dating, it is something very common when a person is young and wants to explore himself or herself and the outer world. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to dating.

Where is the best place in your city to take a date?

I would prefer taking someone to Oxford book store. It is not a very quite place, but I being a bibliophile enjoy when there are lots of books around. And in the oxford book store, you can find lots of books and towards the end of the book store there are tables and seats where you can sit and it is very close to the window. They even serve you coffee. For me, I think it is perfect, because being a book store it is quiet and you can just while away your time, together.

What can you do if you want to save money and go on a date?

I think the best way to save money and go on a date would be to take your date to a nature’s place, instead of going to those expensive restaurants. A place very near to nature, like beach or a stroll around a garden, helps you know the person more and experience some quality time together. Because, often the best things in world ain’t expensive.

How common are blind dates in your country?

Blind dates is a very new concept in our country, however, ironically blind marriages have been very common in the past, where people used to see their partners only on the night of marriage. But, blind dates has come out only after the coming of internet and phones. These days there are so many apps where people can just talk and then meet each other.


Do most blind dates go well? If not, why not?

I think it depends on luck.  If you meet someone who possibly has same opinion as yours or wants to know your opinion, then a blind date should go out very well. But, if the other person is simply trying to put on you what they think is right or tries to show you down, a blind date can turn out to be a disaster.

What is the best way to meet boyfriends or girlfriends?

I think there is no best way of meeting your loved ones. Because, I think when we are meeting our loved ones, it is good if there is nothing hidden or put on to hide something. I would say, if there is any, best way to meet, then it should probably be meet them as you are. Show them the real you, the idiot you, the wise you, the ugly you, the beautiful you, the way you are, no pretending, only the real you.

Describe your ideal date.

My ideal date would be somewhere very quiet, where the only person I can see is my loved on. It could be somewhere in the beach during night or a walk down the road with trees all around. I don’t fantasize anything very out of the box or larger than life, but yes, a simple daily life with a twist of lot of love would be special for me.

What was the worst/best date that you have ever been on?

The best date I have ever been would be with a friend I met some time back. We just thought of meeting and met around 6 in the evening near the backside of our office. Now, this place is all surrounded by trees and everything is so quiet and there is only one shop of Cafe, Coffee day. We went there, ordered our stuff and then sat down, simply talking and listening, pouring our hearts out and it was so magical, that life felt so much better after that.

When two people go on a date, who should pay?

I think it should be more of fifty-fifty. In my opinion, the idea of the male sweeping the girl of her feet is too over the top. On a date, I would prefer when we both order stuff and pay it together. It brings lot more unity, I suppose because it is no longer anyone trying to impress other but simply each one showing their side with the aim of accepting the others.

How many people should you date before getting married?

There should not be any number or count on it, I suppose. One can go on as many dates as they want to and meet as many people as they want to, before they get married. Because, marriage is not about simply living your life with the other person, it is about sharing your life with the other and if you are not comfortable with the other person, there is no point of getting married.

What do you think of double dates?

I think nothing of double dates. In my opinion, it is the most stupid thing one does, if people involved in double date are not aware of it. Yes, if you tell the other person, that I am interacting with other people as well then there shouldn’t be any problem, because in that case you are getting to know lot of people and there is no romantic side to it. But, if there is trust and loyalty involved, double dates is a miserable thing to do.


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