Letter to the taxi company # IELTS Writing Task

Topic: Writing Task-1

You have forgotten an important thing or document in a taxi on your recent trip. Write a letter to the taxi company manager and say:-
• Give details of your journey
• Describe the incorporation of what you left in the taxi
• What do you expect the taxi company manager to do
Write at least 150 words.

Answer  (Band Level 6.5)

Dears Sir/Madam,
I am a regular business traveller and hire a taxi from your company every time I make a trip. I had taken a round trip from Delhi to Haridwar and back last week on 3rd August, where I started early in the morning for Haridwar and returned late in the evening at around 2 am.
I had a meeting with a company in Haridwar and gave a presentation after which an agreement was signed, a copy of which was given to them and I kept a copy of the same. I put this into a file folder and had in with me during the trip but owing to tiredness I left the folder at the back of the taxi.
As I have to submit the agreement to my Manager tomorrow, kindly locate the same as soon as possible and intimate me accordingly. I have attached my business card with this letter, so you can contact me for any further queries. If it would be feasible for you to drop off the folder, for which I will bear the transport expense, I would be highly appreciated.
Yours Sincerely,

Lovejeet Singh




Sport You Love # Cue Card



you must say

What kind of sport is it?

Whom do you play the sport?

Where do you play it and why do you enjoy playing the sport?


Sports are a integral part of our lives. Those who don’t play sports surely do watch them. I enjoy playing both indoor and outdoor games, but, cricket is that one game that excites me the most. Going on to the field, wearing that uniform and hearing the crowd cheering for you is really my idea of fun.

Cricket is an outdoor game and it involves 11 players on each side. Each team has a captain and both batsman and bowlers. The most interesting thing is that although we can classify the players as batsman and bowlers, they all are very unique and have different skills sets.

I am a district level player, so I usually play with my team. We usually get to travel a lot for playing different matches all over the area. However, I even enjoy playing the game with my family and friends. It although has no specific rules but it is a great way to spend time with them and have fun.

Cricket to me is my life. I have learnt a lot from the game. It has taught me the art of patience and the importance of focus. Even more I have made friends for life because of cricket. This game lets me forget all the tensions of my life and just live, and so I just love playing it.


Learning A Language # Cue Card

Cue cards come in the part two of the speaking section. You are given a cue card and some time to write about the possible answer in a page. After the time is over, you are expected to speak fluently on the topic.

So, let’s practice some cue cards.



How long have you been learning English language?

where did you learn?

what is the most easy or difficult part of English?

Is English important in your profession?


I have studied in an English medium school through out my schooling, so English was the second language I became familiar after my vernacular. Practically, we can say that I have been familiar with English for now 18 years. Although I never took English very seriously, in terms that I really never bothered about the grammar rules for most of the schooling. It was in class VIII that I understood the importance of learning grammar and vocabulary. Since then, I have been an avid reader and have made conscious attempts to understand grammar and use good vocabulary words.

For me, the most difficult part of English was grasping new English words and then applying them. However, since I loved English, it was not very painful to me. I have enjoyed learning the nitty gritty of English.

I am a writer and I write blogs and they are in English. So, English does forms a very important part of my profession. It is very important that when I write they are in perfect English as my words represent me. And I make sure that I keep updating my knowledge English all time.


Related To Books # Discussion Topics

If the cue card question is related to books or the reading capabilities or your favorite books, it is very obvious that the discussion topic will be related to books.
Here are some of the questions that could be asked related to books.

What is the importance of books in your life?
Books are like oxygen to me. I love reading books on different topic, they help me grow intellectually. Even more often there are problems in life, which I believe could be easily solved by reading good books.
Do you think with the coming of computers, people don’t read enough?
If we are taking about reading books, obviously yes. With the coming of internet getting information has become very easy. This has led to a loss of interest in reading and searching books. Even more smart phones have arrived and nowadays people usually prefer reading e-books. However, those who are fond of reading books do read books.
Do you think there is a way out of making children read more?
I believe children these days are more creative and have a different approach towards learning. If we want our children to read more, we need to add graphics and animations in the text books. Rather than putting simple text, we need to add text such that it is combined with certain experiments.
How do book preference have changed as compared to the past?
I believe that a book is always an individual choice. However, on a general level, earlier people loved reading religious book or the books related to philosophy. However, at present people often read either fiction books or autobiographies.
In your opinion, will paper books disappear completely in future?
I believe that the revolution has already started. Most of the schools these days have smart classes and the black board pedagogy has been replaced by online education. It is quite possible that paper books will be replaced at a large extent in future. However, I believe that people will still be interested in reading books because the experience that reading a paper books gives is nowhere to be found.


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