IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Gambling

Gambling is when one completely trust on their luck and go out to play a game. The game can even let you win lot of fortune, as has happen with many, but can even make you lose everything. No matter how many stories have been present, of the people who have lost everything in gamble there are still many who do gambling. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to gambling.

Apart from the obvious financial problem what other consequences can occur as a result of excessive gambling?

I believe the major effect that gambling brings along is in the area of mental health and relationship. The sudden jerk of lot of money and then a scarcity of it, can lead to lot of mental issues, like depression and anxiety. It also ruins relationships, because a person who gambles often, tends to become very addictive to it, leading to tasteless conversations with the loved ones.

Who suffers the most from a gambling problem?

In my opinion, the person who gambles and his or her family or the loved ones are the people who are most affected through gambling. Other than these, gambling also causes trouble to the games and the government.

Apart from the obvious reason of winning money, why do people gamble?

Gambling brings along with it lot of rush. So, there are days when one can just go out and party hard and then days when there is no food to eat. For some it might be irritating, but for the most part, I think there are people who love living life at edge.

Why is gambling addictive?

I think the main reason of gambling being so addictive is because, it gives lot of rush. There is a sudden excitement that it brings along with itself. Lot of mind is applied and then you have to just trust your luck and then go on. The entire moment and feeling of gambling is too exciting to resist. But, then I think there are people who win lot of fortunes with gambling and it is the need of more that makes people addictive even when they start loosing.

What kinds of people do you think are more prone to developing a gambling problem?

I think anyone who likes living rush, who wants to earn more money and live lavishly can go for gambling. The initial victories make people addictive.

Do you regard putting money in machines for prizes, at an amusement arcade, as gambling?

Too an extent yes they are. Surely, they are not the very serious ones, but yes. When you put your money or time without knowing the results, it is all gambling.

Is there such a thing as good and bad luck? If so, what is it?

There is this quote that I have read, ” More hard work that I do, the more luck I seem to have”. And I do believe in that. Because when one works hard for something, their sub conscious gets trained for that goal. So, we are able to take chances, and things that might take us forward towards our goal come in fore front.

Does luck have anything to do with winning?

I think luck is just a word invented by people who could not figure out that it is pure hard work that helped people win. Because, mostly when people win they rarely talk of the hard work and the sacrifices they did for that win. So, most people regard it as mere luck.

Do you think it’s possible for a gambling addict to kick the habit?

It depends on the individual for the most part, but I believe that yes, it is possible to kick off that habit when someone realizes that the money earned through hard work is way more better than the one which is earned through gambling. When one understands the importance of having a balanced life, with more peace, a person is more likely to let this habit go.

Do you think that those who own and run casinos are criminals or conmen?

I think definitely not. They are just running a business which gives them profits but then if these casinos share their profit with the government I think it will be much more better. It is only when they don’t share the profit, I think they tend to do something that is not very ethically right.

Does the national lottery encourage gambling?

Too an extent, we can say yes. When people start winning these lottery is when they go for the bigger call. Because, they learn that money can be earned easily and one need not to die or take lot of pains for it.


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