IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Machines

Machines make our life easier and we all are surrounded with them. From the smallest of things like a zip, to the super computers making the world go gaga, it is all machines. There is so little that human can achieve without machines. So, let us today have a look at some of the questions related to machines.

What do you think is the most important machine in your life?

I think computer for me is the most important machine. Being a blogger and a software engineer, it is computers that shape my life the most. Without is neither can I earn nor do things that I love.

What do you think was the most important invention in history?

The world has had its share of some of the great inventions like telephone, internet, aid for cancer, personal computers. But, I think out of all the great inventions, the invention of internet is the greatest of inventions that mankind has ever seen. It is with it, that the entire mankind has come together and it touches so many lives at the same time. From the child who cannot go to a great school, to a wife who wants to learn how to cook, there is so much that one can do and it is all possible because of internet.

Which machines do you think make our lives easier?

I believe telephones, cars, trains, computers are some of the machines that have made our lives hell lot easier.

Which machines do you think make our lives more difficult?

Machines for the most part do make our life simpler, but then there are some which did made it difficult. But then, too a certain degree mobile phones have made life little difficult. Now, there is lot of hindrance even when you are not in particular situation. Some scientist even claim that  mobile phones increase anxiety levels and often cause depression.

Which are the most useless machines, the machines we could live without?

There are some machines for sure that I believe we can surely live without. One is Jumbo refrigerators. There are some good average sized refrigerators but then there are these big ones, which are expensive and claim to store a lot of things. But, I believe we could very well manage without them. Then, I thin Air conditioner. Yes, there are places where it is too hot and now we cannot imagine life without it, but still I think we would have better lived without them. With A.C a person is more likely to get sick if he or she moves in and out frequently.

If you could invent any machine, what type of machine would you invent?

If ever I could invent a machine, I would like to invent a machine that could teach people for free. I believe that once a data is feed into a machine it can easily teach a lot of people and there are so many out there who are deprived of education. A robot that could teach people, interact with them, would be something I will love to create.

Which machines do you think had one purpose when they were invented, but now have many or different ones?

The first name that comes to my mind is computer. Initially computers were invented to perform calculations better but then a shift from just solving problems came to storing data and now computers are used for so many things. For washing clothes, cooking food, doing bank transactions, buying  things. With computers we are able to make artificial limbs and other body parts.

What machines do you use everyday in your life?

I use computers, mobile phones and bicycle everyday. These are the three things that I need to be able to do all my daily functions properly.

What things can you do faster without using a machine?

I think almost nothing. Machines to make our life easier and simpler and may be I can do things better than machine but more faster, I am little skeptical on that.


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