Materialistic Interests # Discussion Topics

The discussion section of speaking section consist of a varied range of questions. Given below are some of the questions that could be asked if the cue card is related to gifts. These questions asked are related to materialistic interests.

Do you think people have become more or less materialistic in 25 years?
I feel that people’s attitude towards materialistic things is not a state depending on time, it is more of an individual thing. For example: earlier kings and queens used to live lavishly and it was the common man who lived a simple life. The difference is that at present people have access to more luxuries and comforts which were not available in the past. The main reason being the economic progress that we have made. Apart from it, the attitude towards materialistic remains the same.
What are the things that give a sense of an honor to people these days?
Honor is very personal thing and different people feel honored by different things. Some of them get a great deal of prestige in material possessions. For example-: having a luxurious car or a bungalow. There are even some who desire for power. Giving them political power is a feeling of honor for them. There are even some who take pride in their education. Certain professions like engineers, doctors and teachers are more respected in the society.
What do you think were the things that were a status symbol in the past?
I am not sure whether material possessions were status symbol but having a lot of land surely was considered honorable in the society. Even more, political power and educated people were considered status symbol. I believe status symbol mostly remains the same throughout the ages.
Do you think that these days’ people buy a lot of things for prestige rather than genuine need?
Certainly yes. At present times people have money and often they go for luxurious items, mostly because they want others to look upon them. For example. It might be possible that a person needs a car, but when buying they will chose the one considered elite in the society.
What things, according to you, might give prestige to people in future?
I believe, even in future wealth will be a major factor. Apart from it education and advancement in technology might be something that gives honor to people. Also, I think communication abilities might give a sense of pride in future.

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Related To Gifts # Discussion Topics

Speaking section in IELTS has three parts-:

  1. General questions
  2. Cue card
  3. Discussion topics

This time we are talking about discussion topics. Discussion part of IELTS consist of questions which are usually follow up queries of part II i.e the cue card.
Let us talk about some of the questions that may be asked.


What are the benefits and drawbacks of giving and receiving gifts?
The exchange of gifts surely has advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, gifts are a token of love and appreciation. They tend to strengthen bonds and create positive feelings about you in other peoples’ mind. Even more, in the busy lives that we live, gifts could help in nurturing a relationships which might not be possible otherwise.
On the other hand, in present times, commercialization of receiving and giving gifts was taken place. It has rather become a sort of status symbol. For example-: In Diwali or id or Christmas or any other festival, people judge others on the basis of how expensive a gift is. This sometimes becomes a burden on one’s budget.
What kinds of gifts would men, women and children generally like to receive?
We all are unique individuals and have our own set of unique tastes. However, generally women prefer ornaments or clothes while receiving gifts. Some of them even like household appliances and handicrafts. Men, on the other hand, usually like electronic gadgets like phones or watches. There are even who prefer expensive pens or books etc. children are mostly attracted to toys and video games. They even love chocolates and other eatables.
What changes have been seen in past in receiving and giving gifts?
There have been some major changes in our lifestyle since the past 50 years. With the rise of economy, people have more money and more reasons to celebrate. In earlier times, gifts were exchanged only in special occasions like marriages. However, in present times, gifts have become a part of our lives and a very frequent affair. People can be seen exchanging gifts in occasions like birthdays, anniversary, success in exams etc.
Whose gifts do you treasure the most?
I am always grateful for a gift, no matter who has given is. But the ones that I treasure the most are those which are given out of pure love. For example-: recently my brother made a card for me describing relationship. Although, it wasn’t expensive but it was priceless and has been one of the best gifts I have ever got.


Sample Test #Speaking Section

Part 1 Answer the following examiner questions
Can you tell me your full name?
What shall I call you?
Which country do you come from?
Whereabouts is your home town?
Tell me about the countryside outside your town.

Now let us talk about your family
How big is your family?
How often do you spend time together?
What do you enjoy doing as a family?
In what way do the members of your family keep in touch with each other?

we all are in computer era.
How often do you use the computer? What for?
Do you prefer using the Internet? Why/why not?
How did you learn to use a computer?
In your opinion is it important for a commoner to know how to use a computer? Why/why not?

we all live in so much of rush, so much of work pressure.
What do you do to keep you healthy?
Why do you think, people still avoid doing regular exercise?

You are given two minutes to talk about the given topic. time will be given to read the topic and make notes and prompts.
Describe a typical day at your school,college or office.
You must say:
What do you do?
when do you do that?
How long have you been doing the routine?
If given a chance would you change anything about your routine?
At the end of your part 2 talk, the examiner may ask you one or two questions to close the topic. These are usually yes/no questions that do not need extended answers.
Do your friends have similar routine?
Do you generally like routines?

The examiner will ask you some questions that relate to your topic, but on a more general or abstract level. You must give extended responses and the language must be formal

let’s talk about how people feel about routines.
Do young people and old people have different attitudes to routines where you live?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a daily routine?
let’s consider choice in routines
What according to you are the factors that influence most people’s daily routines?
Do you think people get enough choice in their daily routines? Why/why not?
What about changes in routines?
what is the difference between work or study schedules as compared to past? why?
in what way will people’s routine change in future?

So, practice this test. The IELTS test are quite similar i.e they have a set pattern of asking questions. So, remember the more you practice, the better score you get.

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How To Answer # Speaking Section

IELTS speaking is actually an interview wherein questions asked will be those that are related to you or you can say the ones whose answers shape up your life. For today, let’s look at how to answer speaking section.
“the saddest/happiest” moment of my life
This is the main topic. Now questions related to this main event or the main topic will be asked. Questions as in-:
What happened?
How did it changed your life?
How did you cope with it?(in case of saddest)
Who did you shared it with?(in case of happiness)

How to answer?
The questions asked are easy, you may even wonder what is the trick in answering, after all you know the answers of them. The trick is how you answer it. So remember the following while answering in the IELTS speaking test-:

  • Make sure your answer is organized. If you start talking about something, make sure you complete talking about it before you move towards something else.
  • Don’t repeat words. Make use of your vocabulary. Remember the better the vocabulary the better your score.
  • Make sure you sound grammatically correct.
  • Keep control of yourself. Such a question could get quite emotional for many. but remember you won’t be getting marks on how emotional you got while answering. Remember, it could be the most emotional moment of your life but you have to keep in check of your emotions while answering.
  • Don’t straight away begin by saying, the happiest/saddest moment of my life is this and that. make a plot before you begin. You can say, everyone has their happiest/saddest moment in their lives. Mine was when this and this.

Remember, presentation matters, so present well, use good vocabulary or may be some idioms, and increase your band.


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