IELTS CUE CARD #Describe an invention that changed how people live.

Describe an invention that changed how people live.

You should say:
• what it is
• how it changed people’s lives
• the benefits it brought

And say if it is more important for older or younger people.

Sample Answer:

Inventions has shaped the lives of people. According to my opinion, internet is one of the greatest technological inventions of this century. It has shifted people’s lives profoundly. A large number of people use the internet for various reasons and have been benefitted immensely. The source can be used from a number of devices. One can easily get the internet services on their cell phones, laptops and other new age gadgets. This is a great cue card topic to talk about.

The use of internet has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. In the old times, people used to refer to lot of books and visit different sources in order to obtain information. Now the problem has been solved to a major level and its very easy, like a click away to finding information on almost any possible topic.

The internet providers has also managed the costing very well, making it affordable to more and more people.

The other important benefit is that they can make phone calls and can connect to people via easy messaging at any time of the day at any part of the world. Distance is no longer an issue. With the evolution and innovation of internet, people use them for many other purposes as per their interests which include playing games, tracking cars, indulging in social networking sites, uploading their travel pictures, chatting with friends, using utility applications, watching videos and listening to music. The list of advantages is quite large.

The internet is a breakthrough invention for people of all age and barriers. In fact, in this modern times it is nearly impossible to do without the internet. So, people around the globe are using them and meeting their needs. (289 words)


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