IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Subject Taught

Describe a subject taught in your school.
You should say –
– What was it and who taught it?
– How was it taught?
– What did you learn from the class?

Explain how it helped you?

The subject I’d like to describe is English that was taught in our school from the very beginning of our school days. Each year a new teacher used to teach us the subject and I have also done various online courses in English. I remember Ms. Pooja, Ms. Sujata, Mr. swatantra and sister rose Charles were among the few teachers who taught us English in different years.

I think we were lucky enough to have great teachers to teach the subject. As of now, I see people taking English as if they can just do it with a night fight. But in our case the teachers made us so engrossed in the subject that we took it seriously. Questions would pop up from any part of the chapter, vocabulary could be any word of the chapter and we had to be thoroughly prepared for it. So, we were not just limited to the back questions or the ones given by the teacher, instead we had to make short questions from the chapter, memorise all the words in the chapter we did not knew meaning. Of course it was tough, but it was fun, I would say. When a chapter that with a play came, we enacted it.

So, I just did not learned English, I was involved it, so I become a good orator, my fear of stage was gone and I remember making great friends. Although it seemed fun at that time, I think all of our class accepts the way English was taught has helped us in our daily lives.

For me, I think the seed of becoming a writer in English was planted in my school.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Friend

Describe a person who became your friend.
You must say-
Who is the person?
How did you meet?
What made you two become good friends?

Explain how is your friendship now?

I am a sort of a person who does not makes friends, they just become. I mean I won’t be the one taking initiatives or being friendly to others. Owing to this, I have very few friends, but the ones who are my friends remain my friends. It was in the first semester of our college that I met Abhilasha. Although initially we never talked much, it was during the end of the semester that we became friends.

We had to submit presentations of a project that we all worked on, by the end of the semester. We were divided into groups of ten and every one had their co-ordinators. I was pretty much good at making presentations, so I was relaxed and working on something in our lab. It was then, when abhilasha came worried and told the people I was sitting with about her problem. Their group mentor had actually asked them to submit their presentation a day before and she knew nothing about it.

For some reasons, I felt I can help her. So, I took her to my house to make the presentation but my computer was not working so we moved towards her house. We made her presentation and I came back home by 8.
She submitted her presentation and we had the D-day next day. So, I made my presentation that night and we all were good.

I think the fact that I helped her even when my work was incomplete made her my friend or may be our subsequent meetings. But, we have been friends since then and have stood with each other through the thick and thin.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Study Room

Describe your study room.
You must say –
– How it looks?
– How much time you spend in this room?
– How an ideal study room should be?
and give details of your study room?

My study room and living room is the same one and I spend most of my time in this room whenever I am home. It is the largest room of our house and is underground, making it the coolest room of our house. There is a large window in front which gives the city view. The study table is placed in line with the window. The table is very special to me as it was made by my father for me and is quite spacious. To the right of it, is the computer and other hardware and the rest of the space has been devoted to study.

There are three bookshelves that I have, with two having novels and other story books while one has academic books. I prefer reading on desk and make sure that when I sit down to study, I am devoted towards it.

An ideal study room for me would be one with shelves of books surrounding me and a big study table, with lamp and a comfortable chair in between. So, basically it should have lots of books with a don’t disturb be sign outside the door. Because I really don’t like people disturbing while studying. Adding to my fantasy, I would say, may be study room in which no one except me is allowed. Apart from the desk there be a cushy chair, in which I can sit whenever I feel like.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Childhood Memory

Describe one of your childhood memory –
You should say –
– What is it?
– When it happened?
– How it affected your life?

Explain why you still remember it?

Childhood is the most amazing stage, I believe, because you can do a lot mischiefs and people just overlook them. I have been a very mischievous kind of a girl childhood days. I remember, my mother had a beautiful garden and she was in love with her plants and flowers, like she is now That day, my uncle came for lunch and she was busy with hosting. My younger brother and I were playing in the garden and suddenly a beautiful flower caught my attention.

I don’t know but I just plucked it and my mother saw us doing it. She left all her work and came furiously running towards us. On top of my voice I said run and we both ran and our mother came towards us. Then came a sort of divider and we had to go across it. But, my little brother, who was a child, may be three or four years could not jump. My mother took hold of him and thrashed him badly for plucking the flower and I just ran away and came in the evening, by the time which the matter was solved.

I still remember it, because may be, people have told it to us many times and I also remembered a part of it. It didn’t affected much of my life but it is always fun to talk about it to my younger brother and tease him.


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