IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Photograph

Describe a photograph you have taken yourself which you particularly like.

You should say:

  • what the picture show
  • when you took it
  • why you took it

And explain why you particularly like this photograph.

Capturing photographs is a way of capturing moments, to remember them even after they fade from your memories. Until now, I had been capturing non-living things, but recently my friend told me the importance of capturing lives of humans and moments and since then I have photographed lot of humans and their emotions.

Recently I got my oppo neo 5, smart phone and it has got an amazing camera. The most recent photo that I took was of a father and daughter sitting in the beach and enjoying the waves. The daughter was sitting behind the father and had grabbed him by his waist. Whenever the waves were coming, he would get hold of her daughter more firmly than ever. It was an amazing moment for me, because in a simple act of holding and hiding and enjoying the waves, I could see the love and the care and the moment I captured it, it was amazing and I am almost in awe with it.

The one reason that I really love this photo is because it shows human relations and feelings so well. There is work and we all are fighting towards making our career but then there is love, fear and laugh. Every time the wave hit the father and touched the daughter, she got excited and you can almost get to know what exactly was happening in this one picture.

Photographs are image of the kind of life that we live and the things that we see. They show so much more that often gets hidden from our naked eyes and it is all so much more fascinating.

Recently, I bought a DSLR for myself and went on capturing moments of people, animals and monuments and so much more. Things about nature and life, but it was few months back that I was going through all the photographs that I had taken and saw the one photo I don’t even remember taking.

The photo is blurred, so the main focus of my photograph was a bird was was about to land but she got blurred but what I captured was very beautiful. So, in the middle is the bird, which has got hazed away, and to one side of it are a beautiful  young couple, having a quiet beautiful moment with each other and to the other side of the bird is a very old couple, holding hands together, most probably to support each other and it is so amazing, to capture love through all of its shades.

I know my mind wanted to capture a bird landing on earth, but what the camera captured was surely much more amazing than I could have ever captured. The beauty of human emotions.

There are several reasons why I love this photograph. One is that it captured human emotions so beautifully. It shows that no matter how much we talk about money and career and doing things and everything, the most important thing is life and successful person is one who is able to live the life with lot of happiness and love.


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