Increased Stress Level # Essay For IELTS

Although most people are richer than in the past, modern life seems very stressful, and the number of people suffering from stress is at record levels. What are the main causes of stress in modern life and how could stress be reduced?
Write at least 250 words.

We are in the 21st century. Industrialization has already taken its toll on our lives and we have moved further to the digital era. Gone are the days when people enjoyed sitting beneath the trees or looking at the sky, counting the stars. Neither are the stars anymore, nor the trees , nor the time to do it. This modern era has been marked with “rush”, the rush to do things, the rush to achieve new heights, the rush of living so fast , that people often forget how to live. We have finally forced ourselves into leading a stressful life.

The increased competition is the most important reason leading us to a stressful life. The population of the world has increased many folds while the number of jobs almost remained the same. This has led to an environment where people know they could be fired if they don’t give their best, resulting into high stress levels amongst them. Loss of satisfaction, could be regarded as the next most dreadful reason, leading to stress. No matter an individual has everything, they are not satisfied. The urge to earn more, live better, live higher than others, has caused an increased stress among individuals. The one most important reason, often ignored, is environment. We are living in an ecosystem that is unbalanced. The trees that gave us fresh air, have been replaced by industries that throw out green house gases, that directly affect our bodies. In the name of modernization, we have killed birds ,animals and even polluted rivers.

The only way we can get back to leading a normal life is to go back to where we started from. Exercise needs to be imbibed by us in our daily routine. Secondly, we need to start being satisfied with what we have and then aim for higher goals. Thirdly, environment calls for attention. If we do want to lead a normal life, environment must be given its due attention. We need to work towards growing trees, using public transport or sharing transport, feeding birds and just doing our bit.
To sum up, stress levels have increased because we are running in a rat race which has no finish line. To lead healthier life it is required to get out of the race and live a more meaningful life.


Essay # Latest Technological Developments

The younger generation is mainly responsible for the latest technological developments. How far do you agree?

The world has become a global village and the barriers have blurred out. A considerable shift in the approach of doing things, can be observed easily. Gone are the days when people were satisfied with a 9 to 5 job; this is the era of entrepreneurship, the era where people are on their edges to show their creativity. New things are being developed every day and the hunger for achieving greater heights has paved its way into human minds. At this point, considering only younger generation while talking about the great advancement would be unfair to the older ones.
You can never create a house if you don’t have the ground. Although most of the latest advancements are credited to younger generation, but the basis of these developments are provided by the earlier generation. For example-: facebook, Google, dell or apple might not have been possible if Charles Babbage had not developed the computers. Even more the mother of all languages “C” was developed by Dennis Ritchie who was in his late 40s when he developed it. There might not have been any facebook or twitter or android, had Dennis Ritchie not created C.
Having said that, the younger generation is surely developing new, exciting technologies. It could rather be said that they are effectively utilizing the base that already has been given to them. A ground is useless if you are not doing something about it.


Private Institutions Should Be Banned # Essay

Do you think that private institutions should be banned ? Discuss your opinions in 250 words.

A country runs on education. The better education it provides to the younger generation, the higher economic success it will gain in later years. Keeping this in mind, a country usually has both private as well as government institutions. When establishing the institutions it is hoped that they would stand by their words, and will provide excellent education. Although with time, it has been observed that government run institutions lose their focus and indulge in activities that have no concern with education. I, although, still believe that private institutions should be banned.

Banning private institutions will surely come with great advantages. Firstly, the quality of education in government schools and colleges will find hope of improvement. It has been observed that until and unless people have no other choice they don’t raise their voice for reform. Secondly, the rise of private institutions has led to a satisfaction with mediocrity. In no ways, it means that private institutions instigate mediocrity, the point to be noted is that with the rise of private institutions people have become more of “show off”. For example-: Since the past decade the number of students doing Bachelors In Technology has increased many folds. The reason being the course is easily available in private institutions. As a result, people don’t introspect themselves more often and live a life under the pressure of society.

On the other hand, absence of private institutions might be a reason of upsurge amongst middle and high income people as the ban may be misunderstood as a loss in their freedom of choice. Even more children with special abilities are often cared more in private institutions and banning them would be a major setback to them.

In nutshell, I would like to assert the importance of improving the quality of government institutions. Private institutions do cater to every individual’s demands, but they often lead to either mediocrity or high level of competition. So, according to me, private institutions should be banned.


Essay # Discuss both sides Experience / Education

There are people of the opinion that to secure a good job it is important to attend a university while others believe that it is better if you develop soft skills and have an experience.
Discuss both sides.
Write the answer in at least 250 words.


“Education is a relative term”. On one hand, the most successful entrepreneurs, politicians and other personalities are the ones who have graduated from the world’s best universities; there is no dearth of people who made it big, even though they didn’t had any flashy certificates. The world has divided itself on this issue. There are people of the opinion that a degree of a well renowned university is essential for securing a good job, others believe that it is the real life education that makes the difference.
Safety, is the first reason to support a university degree. If you have completed your graduation from university, they provide you a 99% assurance of good job. It could be either a campus placement or a off-campus one. Secondly, people often trust you more. A degree gives people the reason to trust you. For example-: if a Harvard graduate asks for loan to open his/her company, nor would it be easier to get the loan but also people will be ready to support the project. Thirdly, you are saved from the everyday battle. If you have a degree, you need not to fight with everyone for a particular job. The competition reduces, making it all the more easier.
However, people who focus on their soft skills and experience, enjoy a different way of living life. The way that is quite different from others. The foremost advantage being that they experience life first hand. There is no theory in their case, it is all practical. No rules that need to be followed, it is all common sense and past experience that paves their way. For example-: Jack ma, the founder of ali baba and the richest person in china was rejected from Harvard ten times but it was his soft skills and the persistence to battle that helped him open the e-commerce site.
Overall, it doesn’t matters much whether you have a degree from a college or experience of life. What matters is whether you have the vision to monetize all what you have got and a deep desire to succeed in life.


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