IELTS Cue Card 2024: Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone

Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone

You should say:

  • who did you give advice to?
  • what advice did you give?
  • why did you give advice?
  • How was it helpful and how did he/she feel about it?


Sample Answer

Advice is information that has the potential to positively impact life. Many relate it to finance and education. However, it has broader concepts like managing life, fixing relationships, and many more. However, one must be mindful before seeking advice and putting it to use. Today, I will be sharing a situation where my advice helped my friend Maya get back on the right track in life.

Six months ago, I received a call from my school friend, Maya. I got to know that she had moved to Australia for her further studies. When I inquired about her life in Australia, she started crying. I didn’t know what to do, but somehow, I calmed her down and requested that she share her agony. Maya broke down and mentioned that she feels home-sick and wants to head back to India. She further added that buying groceries was the only reason for her to step out of home; Maya had stopped attending her classes, which resulted in low marks in all her subjects. She explained that her health was declining too. After listening to her, I first asked her to relax and consoled her. I added that moving and settling in another country is indeed an onerous task; however, a lot of people manage it with ease, and she is not less than anyone. She was constantly asking me to help her. Looking after her health must be her first priority. I firmly told her to stop skipping meals and start mediating to attain peace and calm. Secondly, she should attend her classes at least five days a week and try to make friends with her classmates. Lastly, she should keep herself engaged by doing part-time work. Maya and I made a deal that she would follow this for a month, and if it didn’t help, she would return.

After a month, she called me, and this time she sounded better. She started attending her classes daily, taking good care of her health, and soon will start her part-time job at a library. Maya added that she has decided to continue this routine further and thanked me for guiding her in the right direction. I was happy that I was able to help her.

Word Meaning Sentence
Onerous difficult It was onerous to handle toddlers at the party.
Offspring child Lions offspring are the cutest.

Part 3 Follow-Up Questions

Q1. What kind of advice do parents give to their children?

Parents usually guide their children about studies and expect their children to perform better in life. Choosing wise friends and making good decisions in life are the most important pieces of advice that every child gets from his or her parents. Parents always wish the best for their offspring, so they want the best for their kids.

Q2. What advice do parents give to teenagers about making friends?

Parents want their kids to be able to recognize those who genuinely care about their interests. Parents want their kids to develop friendships with somebody they can rely on and be open and honest with.

Q3. How helpful is it to ask for advice before making a decision? 

I believe it is one of the wisest things one can do, as it is always prudent to consider or take opinions before concluding any action. After all, ultimately, it’s on us to choose, so having a variety of perspectives should make it simpler for us to pick wisely.

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