IELTS Cue Card 2024: Describe an advertisement that you don’t like.

Describe an advertisement that you don’t like.

You should say:

  • When did you see it ?
  • What is it about ?
  • Where you saw it/ how you came to know about it ?
  • Why you didn’t like it ?

Sample Answer
Well, I generally don’t like to watch many advertisements because I believe they are simply a waste of time & in turn lure people to buy unnecessary items. Although some ads are quite informative and genuine, but at the same time most of them just provide fake scenarios. Today, I would like to talk about one such advertisement which I really dislike whenever it is on air. It is an advertisement about Pan masala. It is endorsed by the top most celebrities of our country. They present that deadly tobacco packets in such a way that it lures the youngsters of the nation to try it. The people of our country are very much into imitating the doings of some famous celebrities, and when these deadly cancer causing products are showcased by them, it is hard for people to resist. The pan masala is said to be saffron-infused and designed under the theme of “Daane-Daane Mein Kesar Ka Dam”. Although the precautions clearly state that it contains tobacco and it may cause cancer. I believe these big shots should not promote such deadly products which affects the health of the people. It contains portions of tobacco, hence it is highly recommended to place it within reach of children. After having several warnings the product is still endorsed as a fit to consume item. I feel disheartening because such a dangerous product is endorsed by the idols of our country and this fascinated the teenagers, which in turn affect their overall health. Nowadays, this ad can be seen on most of the social networking sites like YouTube and Instagram. I wish there was a method that allowed us to ban several ads if they use false means to sell the product.
(290 Words )

Part 3 Follow-Up Questions

Q.1 Why do some people hate advertisements ?

I believe most people get irritated with ads while they are watching some movie or there favorite TV shows, because most of the ads are repetitive and take up a lot of time.

Q.2 Is music helpful in advertising?

Yes, I believe music plays a vital role in any advertisement as it adds meaning to it.

Q.3 Where usually do we see adverts ?

We see ads all around us – on television, roadsides, newspapers, social networking sites, on phones through sms and as flyers.

Q.4 Are there any advertisements at school ?

Sometimes, supermarkets and fast food outlets give money to schools and open there outlets in schools. This is a way of advertising their products.

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