IELTS CUE CARD – Describe an important journey that was delayed

Describe an important journey that was delayed
  • Why was it important
  • What caused the delay
  • What happened at the end

IELTS Speaking latest cue card 2020. Describe an important journey that was delayed? Why was it important? What caused the delay? What happened at the end?


I travel often and have had wonderful experience mostly. But there was one particular journey recently which I can recall was delayed and turned into an adventure. I always try to be punctual but on this particular journey when although I was on time, my journey was delayed. It was due to my own error and carelessness. I was supposed to travel from Delhi to Jaipur on a Sunday evening so that I could attend my cousin’s wedding.

Since I wanted to be on time to attend the ceremony I booked a flight for Sunday 4:30 pm and reached the airport accordingly. But, to my horror I was stopped by the security personnel at the entrance and on scrutinizing my ticket was denied permission to enter the airport.

I was informed that I’d missed my flight. For a minute I couldn’t understand how I could miss my flight as I h’d reached the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure. When I pleaded with the security personnel explaining the urgency of my visit he allowed me to go to the airline counter situated adjacent to the entry gates.

The executive at the desk inspected my ticket. He told me that I h’d booked the morning 4:30 am flight instead of the evening one. I was completely shocked to realise my mistake and at the same time got worried how I would reach Jaipur.

I requested the airline staff to help me out. All of them were very cooperative and they informed me that only one seat was available in the last flight to Jaipur at 7 pm. I could either buy that ticket which was exorbitantly priced or wait for an hour before boarding.

In case no traveler bought  that ticket then the airline had a policy that as a goodwill gesture to its customers it would adjust the price of the ticket for the missed flight and on payment of additional nominal fee I would be allowed to board this last flight.

I was kept waiting for about 45 minutes which were like a nightmare for me. I kept praying to God to help me tide over this crisis. Eventually, the airline staff beckoned me and after completing the formalities I was handed over the boarding pass. I quickly made way back towards the security area and reached the boarding gate on time.

As I sat in the aircraft I sighed with relief, looking forward to attending and enjoying the wedding celebrations.

Exorbitantly unreasonably high
Gesture something said or done to indicate intention
Beckoned (past tense) to summon
Sighed (past tense) a long deep audible exhalation expressing sadness or relief
Part 3 Follow Up Questions.
Q1. Which mode of travel in the most convenient in your country.
In my country people usually choose the mode of journey according to distance and importance. If they want their travel time to be less they would prefer an airplane but if they want it to be pocket friendly the would go by train or a bus.
Q2. What do people prefer more in your country A bus or A train?
I think People in my country prefer Buses more in case the distance is short. If the journey is long people would go by a train. The number of buses available for a short distance journey are more and also with availability of more luxury buses people now take long journeys by bus also.
Q3. How do people enjoy their journey?
Well, people enjoy their journey by taking a more comfortable ride. A private vehicle with just family and friends in it always makes the journey more delightful. Some people prefer to read a novel of their choice to relish their time. These days, People like to watch a movie on their mobile screens as a source of entertainment.
Q4. Do you believe in the saying ‘Journey matters more than the destination’?
Yes, i do believe that the journey is more important than the destination as the journey provides us with the opportunity to explore our potential, expand our horizons, and pursue new opportunities. By focusing on the journey, we can find joy in the process and savor every moment along the way. We remember our achievements by appreciating the hurdles we faced along the way.

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