Increasing Trends in IELTS Task-1

Trends are the most important part of the IELTS exam. Trends can either be increasing or decreasing. Sometimes it even remains constant. It is essential for you to know how to describe trends in a better way. This time we bring you the best way in which you can explain increasing trends in IELTS writing.



 How to Identify Increasing Trends in IELTS Task-1 ?

IELTS Task1 Graph increase Dehradun
Increased to
Rose to
Climbed to
Went up to
Leapt to
Boomed to
Soared to
Rocketed to
Surged to
Hit the mark of

Touched the mark of

Hit the maximum

In 2000, there were 70 children in school A. The number of students increased gradually to about 85 in the next six years. In comparison, school B had only 10 students in the year 2000 but the figures increased rapidly in the following years and hit the mark of 70 pupils in 2006.