IELTS Speaking # smoking

IELTS Speaking # smoking

IELTS Speaking question 1: What do you feel about smoking in public places?

Answer: Firstly, it isn’t even a little bit pleasant to be surrounded by the smoke of cigarettes or other substances. Secondly, passive smoking is as harmful as active smoking. Therefore, in my opinion, it’s pretty selfish to smoke in public places and the reason for that is quite convincing: it negatively influences others to indulge in active smoking. Keeping these facts in mind, I support a strict ban on smoking in public places.


IELTS Speaking question 2: Do you think smoking should be banned in people’s homes?

Answer: I think in a democratic country like India, it’s not practical and feasible for the government to ban smoking in homes. All of us have a right of privacy and we want to lead the life of our choice. So, I am not in favor of a ban on smoking as it may lead to other crimes. Instead of this, government can think about a massive social awareness program through advertisements and health warning messages on tobacco products.

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