IELTS Cue Card Sample Question # New Year Celebrations

With every ending comes a new beginning. New year is the time when people try to forget their old ways, make resolutions to become better individuals. It is also the time when people party and often loose control. Apart from them, there are still so many people who do not understand the concept of New year, that there is always hope in life. This time we are looking at sample questions that could be asked in IELTS Cue card section related to the new year celebrations.

Describe a new year celebration that you still remember. You should say :

  • with whom did you celebrate?
  • what did you do in the party?
  • why is it so special for you?

Also, explain the importance of new year parties in your life?


I am 23 now and consciously attended around 12 parties. But, I think the one party that I remember and cherish the most is the one we had in our first year of graduation. I had cleared a competitive exam and during the new year our exams were going on. So, no question of going home. We all were feeling a little low, but at around 11 in the night, we heard music. All of the students in our hostel wing, came out only to find that our Warden had organized a DJ and stuff to eat. He asked us all to join us. Overwhelmed by his gesture, we all went down and danced the whole night.

I remember dancing with around 400 people at songs I had never heard, the languages that I don’t understand but it was pure fun. We all became good friends after that and had a blast for the next four years of our graduation. I think the one reason I cherish it the most is because it brought with it lot of new things for me. I met new people, did things I never did. Like, dancing like a serpent and then like a girl. We were purely enjoying. There was no senior or junior, just bunch of people living the moment.

Although, party animal, is not the word that I would choose for myself. But, yes I do party on New year. For me, it is the time when I meet all the people I know, the ones I care for. Most probably, go out travelling with them. I believe, life is busy and we should just grab every occasion that we get to enjoy.



New year celebrations have never been very exciting for me but I remember the 2016 New year. It was the best new year I had till date and assume it to be the best till date.

It was during the end of 2015 that there were lot of personal and professional issues I was struggling with. For some reasons, I started feeling as if this is how life is going to be for a longer run now. Sitting on my couch when everyone else was partying I remember crying and feeling really bad.

At around 11:30, a really good friend of mine, I recently had a fight with dropped by me. She had been my school friend and we had shared lot of things together. Fighting with her did have an impact on me. She had beer with her, scooty keys and we just left the home together.

When the entire world was partying outside, I remember feeling the air and then reaching our school terrace and drinking beer. We revived our memories together, things that we had done and how life had just changed in some years. How quickly we had grown up. There was nothing particular but having that kind of talk, actually rejuvenated me. It made things so much more easier for me. Since that year, every year we meet at our school terrace for a bottle of beer and lot of memories together.

I think New year parties are a good way of celebrating and everyone should celebrated New year but I believe everyone should enjoy in the way that best suits them.




IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Help Received

There are so many times that we help people and more often receive help. Help is the only way, people  believe, that we remain human. A person who cannot help others is of no use being called human. Let us today have a look at a cue card that talks about a help that you received.

Describe a time when someone helped you.
You should say:
  • Who helped you
  • When it was
  • Why s/he helped you
And describe how you felt about it.

Sample Answer One

There have been many a times when I received help and it is something so often that I wonder what would have happened had I not received the help. But, I clearly remember a day when I was helped and I felt really nice.
I had to go to my brother’s college for some work and I was not aware of how to reach there. So, the local transport dropped me at a place and I thought from there the college would be a mere km away. Thinking that I started walking down the road but after walking around an hour I could not find even a hint of his college. As I was exhausted and started asking people as to where the college is, there came a boy in his scooty and told me that the college is really far and there is no way I can reach there on my foot. He asked me to get into his scooty.
Initially, I was scared, because I had really no idea about the place and it was all jungle around. So, either ways I hopped onto his scooty and he did dropped me outside the college. There were times when I was worried but he later asked me if I wanted to go back along with him as well. Although, I refused that help, I was really happy and felt grateful for his help. He did knew me and just like others he could have behaved strangely but he left me to my destination and in no ways sounded someone who wanted any evil out of me.
It was a true pure help and I wished him all the best for his life.

Help Received

Sample Answer Two

There are so many times that I get help but the one time I remember getting help was when I was in eighth grade. I had decided to participate in our school annual festival and was among the seven girls who were part of the dance team. We used to practice a lot and everything but I was one of the weakest. There were times when it took me days to get  the step right and then there were days when I would just even after trying so much could not get the step right.

Those were some irritating days and after some time even my team members started coming in and telling that I should rather leave the group. My initial reaction was that I wont be leaving the group. I have practiced and I will do good. Although I had said that, I felt bad and I started crying in the stairs. May be my teacher came to know about it or whatever, she called me and told me that in life it is not how much you know but how much you practice to get what you want in life.
She told me that I had done a great thing and I should move on with it. After that, she started teaching me extra lesson for the dance and I was able to actually dance well than most of the girls in the school.
I remember it till now because it was for the first time, I can recall, I stood for myself. And then people did started coming in to help me. It felt great because I felt as if I am important as well and my opinion does matter. It has helped me a great deal to do things in life the way I do them now.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Question # Famous Person

Describe a famous person you would like to meet.

You should say:

  • who is he/ she
  • why do you want to meet him/ her
  • why he is famous

and explain what would you do if you meet him/ her.


There have been many personalities I have followed but the one that has truly made an impact on my life has to be Oprah Winfrey. I believe she is a true example of how following your dreams can let you live a meaningful life. Being raped as a child and told that it is her duty to do the household work, she did not let these negativities hold her back. The fact that she believed that she is meant to be successful is what amazes me the most. The reason I really want to meet her is because

She signifies to be as a person who does not think of the issues ahead, rather the great work that needs to be done. This makes it so much more intimidating to meet her. And what I have learned about her is that she has actually lived a balanced life. I wish to learn from her the way of balancing the life and making difference in other people’s life.

I think the day I meet her I would ask her five advice for my life because I do trust that they will be great ones!


If there ever is a famous person I would like to meet, it has to be Raghuram Rajan. He has been one of the most successful RBI governors our country had. Even more, he became the Economic Counselor and Director of Research of the International Monetary Fund, the youngest ever. What made all eyes turning to him is his prediction of the 2008 global crisis.

I am not an economist and neither do understand it well. But I really wish to understand what goes inside one of the most brilliant minds of our country. He has been one of those people who has actually allowed the economy of our country to boost. Over time, we all have seen that when his advice was given consideration, there were losses prevented. However, when they were avoided, we have paid the price.

I want to meet him and know his opinion on our country and what he thinks is the right thing for our country. There is something in me that tells that we as young people should definitely do for our country. I would like to interact with him and know how doing what I love can I do something for my country.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Important Decision

Describe an important decision that you made in your life :

You should say :

  •  what the decision was
  • when did you took it
  • what was the result of the decision and whether it was a good choice

explain why it is an important decision or choice for you?

Sample Answer of Cue Card:

We all make certain decision in life and those are the ones that shape our lives. I took that life changing decision when I was in class 10th. The city that I did my high school did not had many schools and I decided that I would do my further studies from a big city because that is where I wanted to be. So, I landed myself in Dehradun. I remember at that time I just wanted to go out, explore myself and do things. What followed after that were a series of wrong decisions made.

I chose the wrong school and made friends that did not do much benefit to me. It was that time that I became numb, feeling almost nothing and landed myself into many troubles. My parents had the most tough years of bringing me up and I remember thinking of myself as a complete failure. Two years later, when I landed myself into a college did things started changing and the final change took place when I got a job at a MNC.

 Important Decision

It is now that I realize that no matter how the decision rolled out to be, no matter how the tough time it led me to, I now can make better decisions now. I do understand the importance of opportunities and hard work and realize that it is important to have a balance in life to be able to succeed.

The reason I think the decision was important because it taught me a lot of things and what amazes me the most is that the things that it did taught are ones that many elder to me don’t know. It is in those moments that I feel I have become wiser, do make mistakes but it has helped me in becoming more confident in life, more able to take risks and live life in my own terms and conditions.

Related Questions for Speaking Section-3

How parents’ decisions affect their children’s life?

Parents decision do shape the child’s life to a certain extent and I believe that in some cases it is the parent’s decision that explain why the child chooses to live life like that. Even more it is not possible for a child to take his or her decision and it is the decisions of parents that the child follows. If the parent take decisions that make a child dull or boring, there is no fault of the child. However, there are parents who teach children to take decisions and I believe it is a great thing to do.

What important things do you consider while taking a big decision?

Funnily enough, the most important decisions of my life are the ones which I did not thought a bit about. These were the decisions I just felt like doing them, and did it. Initially, I was told that I am idiot taking decision in such a manner but now I have realized that taking decision in this manner means I do take them from heart and for some reasons it knows what exactly to do.

When taking a big decision, I try to figure out every right and wrong about it. It is lot of brainstorming, the people around me and myself. I like to talk to people who have been in the same position as me, the ones who have done that. Then, I go on and talk to my parents about it. But, finally it is more of what I feel is right because I think it is good to listen to head because it tells the most rational things to do but finally I am a believer of heart and do things that my heart thinks are right.


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