IELTS Speaking Latest Cue Card# Lesiure Activity

The latest cue card is here and we are talking about lesiure activity that you enjoy doing.

Describe a lesiure activity you like doing.
You should say:

  • Where you do it?
  • Who you do it with?
  • Why you enjoy it?
  • And say what kind of people you would recommend that activity to, and why?
Sample Answer:

Today, I’m going to talk about an activity I enjoy doing in my leisure time. It may sound strange but I love watching Bollywood movies. On Sundays, I invite my close friends to my home for a high tea and all of us watch a film together. It is not always a latest movie. Sometimes, we prefer to see old blockbusters which ruled the hearts of millions of Indians in the seventies.
The main reason why I find this activity fun is that I work six days a week, Monday to Saturday. I hardly get time to meet my friends on weekdays. So, this plan acts as a perfect stress buster for all of us. It not only brings us together but also enables us to share our feelings and problems.
Since most of us lead a busy and stressful life these days, we should make sure that we have some time for our family members and friends. I believe that the communication over social networking sites is very different from face-to-face interaction. Online communication is affecting the way we interact with people and the type of relationships we make. It is also killing our ability to build strong relationships with people. Anyone who wants to bring a positive change in their life should try a cup of tea and an entertaining film with your loved ones. I reckon it will do wonders.



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