While Or Meanwhile?

While Or Meanwhile?

I will do this while you finish that.
I went to the concert. Meanwhile, my friend was at restaurant.
They both are used when two actions are happening at the same time
But then what is the difference?

1. Meanwhile is used to add two statements. So, to use meanwhile, you should have two different actions going on simultaneously.
2. You cannot add meanwhile in the beginning of the first sentence. It is at the beginning of the second sentence.
3. When you use while you have got one sentence.
4. While can be added at the beginning or middle of a sentence.
5. In while, the comma comes after the sentence. Example-: while you sang, i took pictures.
6. There is an immediate comma after meanwhile.
7. It is not necessary to have an immediate comma after while.
8. Meanwhile is always followed by the subject.
9. While can have a subject but is not necessary. Example-: everyday i read newspaper while eating breakfast.

Remember, no matter how small the difference, if it is there, it counts.

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