While Or Meanwhile?

While Or Meanwhile?

I will do this while you finish that.
I went to the concert. Meanwhile, my friend was at restaurant.
They both are used when two actions are happening at the same time
But then what is the difference?

1. Meanwhile is used to add two statements. So, to use meanwhile, you should have two different actions going on simultaneously.
2. You cannot add meanwhile in the beginning of the first sentence. It is at the beginning of the second sentence.
3. When you use while you have got one sentence.
4. While can be added at the beginning or middle of a sentence.
5. In while, the comma comes after the sentence. Example-: while you sang, i took pictures.
6. There is an immediate comma after meanwhile.
7. It is not necessary to have an immediate comma after while.
8. Meanwhile is always followed by the subject.
9. While can have a subject but is not necessary. Example-: everyday i read newspaper while eating breakfast.

Remember, no matter how small the difference, if it is there, it counts.

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Difference Between Then And Than

Then And Then are one of the most confusing words in English Language. Although they do sound similar the difference between then and than is is quite obvious as the difference between a sun and son.

Both the words are pronounced differently. Then sounds like ken. Than is more like can. Well, difference may seem to you obvious right now, but the issue arrives when people speak really fast.

Then-: It usually comes at the beginning or end of the sentence. It does not mean that it always come, but yes, often it comes in the beginning or end. Then ,is used with sequence. For example-: I first made the base, then dropped the cutting on it. Or, I went to new York first and then to Canada. There is a sequence we are talking about, that is why “then” is used.
It is also used when we talk about time. For example-: we did not have internet back then.

Difference Between Then And Than


Than-: It is used when we compare things. For example-: I got more marks than anvesha.

This is one of the most common mistakes made while writing. Make sure, you don’t make it and score high in IELTS.



TOEFL-: The writing section in the TOEFL lasts for 50 minutes. It measures your skills when it comes to communicating well organized essays. You are checked on your grammar, spelling, vocabulary and sentence structure.
There are two writing task-:
1.Integrated writing-:In this section, you will be given a reading passage and a listening passage. You are expected to make notes of them. You need to then write an essay explaining whether the two i.e. the reading and the listening are similar or different. The essay is about 150-225 words. You are given 20 minutes.
2.Independent writing-:In this section you are given a topic and you need to write an essay in about 300-350 words.

IELTS-: The writing section of IELTS lasts for 60 minutes.
Academic-: It consists of two tasks-:
1.You would be given a chart or a diagram. You need to explain it in an essay.
2.You will be given a point of view or an argument. You need to write an essay in a response to them.
General-: The writing section of general has two parts-:
1.You would be presented with a situation and asked to write a letter explaining the situation. The letter could be formal, informal or semi-formal.
2.An essay has to be written in response to a particular argument or point of view. It could be although a little personal as compared to that of academic.

Figure out which of the above suits you best. Remember, it is not about the test you take but which test is more suitable to you. Go on, write, express yourself and fly high.

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Learn The Difference


Are you wondering why am I saying the same thing thrice? Are you one of those who think that United Kingdom and Great Britain are the same? Save Yourself and learn the difference. Yes. save yourself of the embarrassment you may have to face if you ever wish to talk about them.
The three are different and the difference is like mango is a fruit but all fruits are not mangoes. I won’t riddle much about this and come straight.

Great Britain

Great Britain is used to refer to the countries of England, Wales and Scotland together. And if you lose “great” Britain refers to England and Wales.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom refers to The Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We use ‘British’ or ‘Britons’ when we talk about the citizens of ‘United Kingdom’.

British Isles

It is a geographical term. British Isles refers to Ireland, Great Britain and other islands.

Note : British Isles refers to geography and not nationality. So, although Republic of Ireland is part of British Isles, people of Republic of Ireland are not British.
Figure out what you are trying to talk about and use the terms wisely.