Learn The Difference


Are you wondering why am I saying the same thing thrice? Are you one of those who think that United Kingdom and Great Britain are the same? Save Yourself and learn the difference. Yes. save yourself of the embarrassment you may have to face if you ever wish to talk about them.
The three are different and the difference is like mango is a fruit but all fruits are not mangoes. I won’t riddle much about this and come straight.

Great Britain

Great Britain is used to refer to the countries of England, Wales and Scotland together. And if you lose “great” Britain refers to England and Wales.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom refers to The Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We use ‘British’ or ‘Britons’ when we talk about the citizens of ‘United Kingdom’.

British Isles

It is a geographical term. British Isles refers to Ireland, Great Britain and other islands.

Note : British Isles refers to geography and not nationality. So, although Republic of Ireland is part of British Isles, people of Republic of Ireland are not British.
Figure out what you are trying to talk about and use the terms wisely.


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