Difference Between Then And Than

Then And Then are one of the most confusing words in English Language. Although they do sound similar the difference between then and than is is quite obvious as the difference between a sun and son.

Both the words are pronounced differently. Then sounds like ken. Than is more like can. Well, difference may seem to you obvious right now, but the issue arrives when people speak really fast.

Then-: It usually comes at the beginning or end of the sentence. It does not mean that it always come, but yes, often it comes in the beginning or end. Then ,is used with sequence. For example-: I first made the base, then dropped the cutting on it. Or, I went to new York first and then to Canada. There is a sequence we are talking about, that is why “then” is used.
It is also used when we talk about time. For example-: we did not have internet back then.

Difference Between Then And Than


Than-: It is used when we compare things. For example-: I got more marks than anvesha.

This is one of the most common mistakes made while writing. Make sure, you don’t make it and score high in IELTS.


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