The NOTA Choice # Group Discussion

In recent times, many democratic countries have come up with the NOTA choice for the voters. NOTA mean none of the above. You need to speak on , ” Should voters be given NOTA choice?”.
Some of the possible view points could be –

  • I am in favor of NOTA. NOTA brings democracy in true sense. Because with NOTA if a person is not interested in choosing any of the individuals, he/she can rather reject them all, instead of being forced to choose one.
  • NOTA also brings a feeling of trust among people towards the country. They are now more likely to go out and vote or maybe be more interested in the politics of the country.
  • May be NOTA does gives choices to individuals, it also brings a feeling of laid back among people. Those who never were interested in choosing the right candidate can now without pondering much, could end up choosing NOTA.
  • I think the concept of NOTA is good but the fact is that it needs to get more mature. For instance, if the number of NOTA votes exceed a particular limit, re election must be done. This can prevent an unlikely candidate to win the elections.
  • In my opinion, NOTA will not change anything. Politics is a vast ocean and it is rightly said, that a clean person can never be a politician. So, according to me, instead of giving the voters the choice of NOTA, awareness must be created in their minds regarding the candidates standing up for elections.


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