How To Crack A Group Discussion

Group Discussion are the first round of the selection and often known as mass elimination round. In recent times, group discussion have become more important part in the interviews and you will rarely find a job selection wherein you need not to clear the group discussion round.

However, most of the people fear GD’s. This is mostly because one does not know clearly what is the criteria on which you are being judged. Knowing the right things about Group Discussion can help in clearing the round and living your dreams.

  • the way you communicate with others.
  • how you behave and interact with the group.
  • how open minded are  you.
  • what is your level of clarity when putting forward your views.
  • Your analysis and subject knowledge.
  • Your attitude and confidence.
  • Maintain eye contact while speaking– You obviously need not to make eye contact with the judge, you are there to talk with the group, so maintain an eye contact with the group, but surely don’t stare.
  • Initiate the GD– Although, it is not the only thing that will help you but initiating the discussion will surely help in getting those extra marks.
  • Allow others to speak-A GD is about how well you speak but that does not mean that you will not allow others to speak at all. Even if you don’t agree with his/her thoughts do not snatch their chance to speak. Instead make some notes and clear the points when it’s your turn.
  • Speak Clearly-  The company does not want a person who is very aggressive. They indeed want people who can be part of a team. So, be polite, speak in a language that is clear and understandable.
  • Make Sure The Discussion Is On Track – Often in GD’s people get over excited and start speaking on something that is way out of the topic. If you feel it is happening with the group, take initiative to bring the discussion on track.
  • Listen Carefully- What am I saying?? Listen, in GD? Well, yes. Pay attention while others are speaking. This will make coherent discussion and you will get involved in the group positively.
  • Speak Sensibly- Although you are judged on how you speak, make sure that when you do you speak sensible. There is no point of speaking for a long time and making no sense.

So, go on, give that GD and show people the real you.

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Group Discussion Topics # Political System

Group Discussion Topics:

Is political system reason for backwardness of our country?
This is topic of the discussion and the points given below can be spoken during the group discussion.


  1. People in last few years have witnessed scams of high order with no answers being provided on them.  No one knows where do these scams come from? Who is involved in them and what actions will be taken? The money that often gets lost is the hard earned money of people, who give it to government to enjoy some services, for instance better roads. Scams like these do make us question on the credibility of the system.
  2. Political party is a group of people who are responsible for improving the country, surely we also are, but at major level, they are the elected candidates who help in the betterment of the country. But, in recent times, one can see that instead of working for the country, the parties are busy blaming each other and trying to gain power.
  3. Whenever something wrong happen in the country, the parties bring the matter to the parliament, blame the ruling party and then it is over!! Can anyone tell, if there is ever any action taken?
  4. It is the political system that continuously gives place to the tainted politicians in the system. How can you always appoint such people who in any case are of no good to the local people?


  1. Just because there is one murderer does not mean that the entire human race is a criminal. Although political system and politicians are mixed together very closely, they cannot be mixed. Because if there have been some bad politicians, we have even seen examples of great politicians.
  2. It is not like there have been only scams. The ruling government has even brought out new plans and schemes for the betterment of the country people. Like the Digital India, food security bill, lokpal bill and many others.
  3. The main reason behind our backwardness is Lack of education, the attitude towards women and most importantly our social system.
  4. Backwardness is a very relative term. We are a new democracy and we have been doing greatly in certain domains of development. For instance, our economy is on high, our companies are doing well
  5. If we can blame politicians, I think the youth should be equally blamed for taking up secured jobs in USA rather than joining politics and doing something good about the country. So, the country is not backward because the politicians are bad, but because the good don’t want to do good.

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Woman pay and promotion # IELTS WRITING TASK 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:

In spite of many advances women have made in education and employment, they continue to be at a disadvantage when it comes to pay and promotion. In your view, what should be done to promote equality of opportunity for men and women in the workplace?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.
Write at least 250 words.


In many regions of the world, women have achieved a social status which is on a par with that of men. Definitely, the credit for this progress goes to their sincere efforts in acquiring the highest educational qualifications and professional skills. Nevertheless, females continue to experience gender discrimination and lack of promotion in workplaces.
Some experts may argue that this issue is never likely to be solved as men’s feeling of being superior than women will always prevail in society. Therefore, this problem can only be minimized and never completely erased. But, in my view, we just have not worked and analyzed the problem enough to claim defeat.
A possible approach would be for the government to compel organizations to follow two rules. Firstly, equal salaries must be paid to all employees for equivalent work. Secondly, the percentage of promoted employees should be equal for both genders. At the same time, regular checkups should be conducted on all tax paying companies to ensure that the measures are strictly followed. This approach appears quite promising. However, the problem is that it would take too long to execute. It can also be seen as an overly excessive measure. Not to mention that big companies could easily fake the data.
A more feasible approach would be for the governments to take the lead and ensure that no discrimination takes place on any of its own grounds. In all government organizations, women must be treated properly and their work must be recognized accordingly. This policy would be more realistic as it would enable the government to grab the problem by is roots instead of trying to yank its stem out along with the roots. In addition, these steps would establish equal payment as an unspoken norm. They would also make the government an ideal role model for other private companies. In fact, countries such as Sweden and Iceland have proven the effectiveness of such measures.
To sum up, it is most likely true that the situation will improve with time but that should not stop us from putting a little more effort so as to solve it quickly or put it to rest once and for all.



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The NOTA Choice # Group Discussion

In recent times, many democratic countries have come up with the NOTA choice for the voters. NOTA mean none of the above. You need to speak on , ” Should voters be given NOTA choice?”.
Some of the possible view points could be –

  • I am in favor of NOTA. NOTA brings democracy in true sense. Because with NOTA if a person is not interested in choosing any of the individuals, he/she can rather reject them all, instead of being forced to choose one.
  • NOTA also brings a feeling of trust among people towards the country. They are now more likely to go out and vote or maybe be more interested in the politics of the country.
  • May be NOTA does gives choices to individuals, it also brings a feeling of laid back among people. Those who never were interested in choosing the right candidate can now without pondering much, could end up choosing NOTA.
  • I think the concept of NOTA is good but the fact is that it needs to get more mature. For instance, if the number of NOTA votes exceed a particular limit, re election must be done. This can prevent an unlikely candidate to win the elections.
  • In my opinion, NOTA will not change anything. Politics is a vast ocean and it is rightly said, that a clean person can never be a politician. So, according to me, instead of giving the voters the choice of NOTA, awareness must be created in their minds regarding the candidates standing up for elections.


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