Man Of The People # Idioms For IELTS

In many ways English is a sexist language. It reflects the society around. Today we will look idioms that were originally used to refer to men but with time they can now also be used for women.

Man of few words
Sentence-: Richie Benaud was a man of few words.
Meaning-: someone who does not speak too much.
A ladies man
Sentence- James Bond was a ladies’ man.
Meaning-: Someone who goes out with women, talk to them and hang out more than usual.
Man of his words
Sentence-: Mahatma Gandhi was a man of his words.
Meaning-: someone who keeps his promise.
Man of the people
Sentence-: Narendra Modi is a man of the people.
Meaning-: someone who understands and expresses the ideas of the ordinary people
Confirmed bachelor
Sentence-: When I asked Abhishek about his marriage plans, he said he was a confirmed bachelor for at least 4 years.
Meaning-: someone who is single and wants to stay that way.
Fiddle while Rome burns
Sentence-: You can easily fiddle while Rome burns, but then be ready to face the consequences.
Meaning-: to do trivial matters while ignoring the important issues
On the fiddle
Sentence-: She has been on the fiddle for a long time.
Meaning-: to be engaged in cheating
Get your just deserts
Sentence-: Yakub menon in some ways got his just deserts.
Meaning-: Get what you deserve
Up a stump
Sentence-: I am stuck in an up a stump.
Meaning-: a situation that is too difficult to manage
Nothing succeeds like success
Sentence-: May be its tough to be successful, but nothing succeeds like success
Meaning-: success brings better and greater opportunities

Out of all the above idioms apart from ,”a ladies’ man” and “confirmed bachelor” others can be used for women as well!
So, go on. Learn the above, grasp them and make them part of your expressions.


Feel free to call for suggestions and queries.

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Be On Tenterhooks # Idioms For IELTS

If you work hard for IELTS you will surely be on tenterhooks before the results. On tenterhooks? Go on prepare for IELTS, read more and find out what does it mean to be on tenterhooks.

That would be telling
Sentence-: letting you see through the records would be telling.
Meaning-: that would be divulging confidential information.
There’s no telling
Sentence-: there’s no telling on when the next earthquake will strike Nepal.
Meaning-: it’s impossible to know what has happened or will happen
On tenterhooks
Sentence-: three days before the result was announced, I was on tenterhooks.
Meaning-: in a state of suspension or agitation because of uncertainty about a future event.
Been there, done that
Sentence-: live life you are born now. Been there done that attitude takes away all the fun.
Meaning-: used to express past experience of or familiarity with something
Be there for someone
Sentence-: it is good to make promises, but to be there for someone, makes the difference.
Meaning-: be available to provide support or comfort for someone, especially at a time of adversity.
Once in a blue moon
Sentence-: She laughs once in a blue moon.
Meaning-: very rarely
On the hook
Sentence-: Go ask Anmol about this, she is on the hook for this.
Meaning-: responsible for something
Parrot Fashion
Sentence-: Kritika learns her chapters in parrot fashion.
Meaning-: learn word to word
Poker face
Sentence-: Daisy is poker face, I don’t know what she is hiding.
Meaning-: someone who does not shows any emotions
Over the moon
Sentence-: The day Harvard University called me for my acceptance, I was over the moon.
Meaning-: very happy


Set Someone’s Teeth On Edge # Idioms For IELTS

The one basic rule to live happily in abroad is never set someone’s teeth on edge. Why will you do that? put someone’s teeth to edge? Well, you aren’t pushing someone’s teeth literally, go on and read to find out what exactly you need not to do.

Teeter on the brink
Sentence-: people living on the banks of rivers teeter on the brink.
Meaning-: very close to a difficult or dangerous situation
Set someone’s teeth on edge
Sentence-: if you set someone’s teeth on edge, don’t expect a healthy relation coming your way.
Meaning-: cause someone to feel intense discomfort or irritation
Bush telegraph
Sentence-: when studying in college, every information seems to be bush telegraphed.
Meaning-: a rapid informal spreading of information or rumor
Tell it like it is
Sentence-: the most successful people, usually tend to tell things like it is.
Meaning-: describe the true facts of a situation no matter how unpleasant they may be.
Tell tales
Sentence-: you would never like to be friends with those who tell tales.
Meaning-: gossip about or reveal another person’s secret, wrong doings or faults.
Round the twist
Sentence-: The moment I found my lost puppy I went round the twist.
Meaning-: go crazy
Recipe for disaster
Sentence-: How could he even imagine his success when for all the time he was preparing the recipe for disaster.
Meaning-: a mixture of events and people that could only lead to trouble
Pick someone to pieces
Sentence-: Once who have been picked up to pieces, you get to know all your strengths and weaknesses.
Meaning-: to criticize someone very sharply
Reduce to ashes
Sentence-: He has been reduced to ashes after the war.
Meaning-: to destroy completely
Whale of a time
Sentence-: I had a whale of a time yesterday.
Meaning-: to really enjoy a lot


Talk The Talk

You need to talk the talk if you want a good score in IELTS speaking test. Talk the talk? Read more and find out what do I mean.

Be Glad To See The Back Of
Meaning-: good to see someone leaving
Sentence-: I don’t want to be the person who people are glad to see the back of.
Beat Around The Bush
Meaning-: avoid the main topic or speak indirectly
Sentence-: Stop beating around the bush and come to the main topic.
Best Of Both Worlds
Meaning-: Get all the advantages
Sentence-: Hannah Montanna had the best of both worlds.
Best Thing Since Slice Bread
Meaning-: A really good invention
Sentence-: Iphone has been the best thing since slice bread.
Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
Meaning-: to take a task that is way to big
Sentence-: If you try to bit off more than you can chew chances are you may fail.
For the taking
Meaning-: of a person or thing) Ready or available for someone to take advantage of.
Sentence-:The farmers land is assumed for the taking.
Talk the hind leg off a donkey
Meaning-:Talk incessantly.
Sentence-:The ministers talked the hind leg off a donkey.
Talk the talk
Meaning-:Speak fluently or convincingly about something or in a way intended to impress others.
Sentence-:Politicians often talk the talk during election rallies
Talk through your hat
Meaning-: Talk foolishly, wildly or ignorantly.
Sentence-: Indian media sometimes talks through its hat.
Talk big
Meaning-: Talk confidently or boastfully
Sentence-: In today’s time we don’t want people who talk big but those who do big.

Prepare well today’s idioms so that you don’t end up talking through your hat in IELTS.
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