Talk The Talk

You need to talk the talk if you want a good score in IELTS speaking test. Talk the talk? Read more and find out what do I mean.

Be Glad To See The Back Of
Meaning-: good to see someone leaving
Sentence-: I don’t want to be the person who people are glad to see the back of.
Beat Around The Bush
Meaning-: avoid the main topic or speak indirectly
Sentence-: Stop beating around the bush and come to the main topic.
Best Of Both Worlds
Meaning-: Get all the advantages
Sentence-: Hannah Montanna had the best of both worlds.
Best Thing Since Slice Bread
Meaning-: A really good invention
Sentence-: Iphone has been the best thing since slice bread.
Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
Meaning-: to take a task that is way to big
Sentence-: If you try to bit off more than you can chew chances are you may fail.
For the taking
Meaning-: of a person or thing) Ready or available for someone to take advantage of.
Sentence-:The farmers land is assumed for the taking.
Talk the hind leg off a donkey
Meaning-:Talk incessantly.
Sentence-:The ministers talked the hind leg off a donkey.
Talk the talk
Meaning-:Speak fluently or convincingly about something or in a way intended to impress others.
Sentence-:Politicians often talk the talk during election rallies
Talk through your hat
Meaning-: Talk foolishly, wildly or ignorantly.
Sentence-: Indian media sometimes talks through its hat.
Talk big
Meaning-: Talk confidently or boastfully
Sentence-: In today’s time we don’t want people who talk big but those who do big.

Prepare well today’s idioms so that you don’t end up talking through your hat in IELTS.
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