Global Opportunities For Indians

You won’t become Steve Jobs in a night. Nor will you be the next Raghuram Rajan on your arrival. Don’t even expect people asking your autograph when you arrive. So the point is if you think you will be some kind of celebrity once you arrive from the abroad study. This is not happening. So what should you do next? Cancel the plan!! Wait. Don’t be so fast. Although abroad study doesn’t make you a celebrity over night but it can always be the first step to becoming one. Here’s how !

Opens new doors and windows

Doing the same thing at the same place again and again can end up making you like a machine that does the same thing and hence loses importance. Abroad study increases your horizons. You start approaching things in a new way, in a different way. May be you don’t become famous but surely you now have a wider friend circle. And it is this circle that usually becomes your network. The network that plays a vital role in your career. Remember, once you leave your comfort zone you never remain the same.

Learn a new language

Why do we speak so fluent Hindi? It is not because we are Indians but because as we grow up we hear it. And then we pick it up. So we speak it. Not to impress someone but to communicate. We never go to some kind of coaching to learn it. And this is exactly what happens when you go to abroad. You need their language. Because it is the only way you can communicate. So you grasp it. Both the language and the way it is spoken. But why is it important? Because the world is a global village now. We want people who can interact with more people. And knowing a language can always be an advantage.


You must be aware that now an organization is not opened at one place. It is all global. So it be possible that you have to interact with a client who is in Singapore or may be Africa. Abroad study makes you understand and respect cultures. How to adjust with people who look different, talk different and think different. And this, acceptance is what is required.
So, don’t contemplate more. “study abroad” is not about studying alone. It is an experience that you hold and that makes you different.

Live Sydney

Australia. Well I guess this is the dream destination of most of the students who want to study abroad. If you are one of them, you need to know that work and life go on hand in hand. Surely it has got some great colleges under its belt, but then Australia is not about just colleges. It has got more grenade.

If you think that you will go to Australia, study there whole day and night and get great scores and then life would be set, you are mistaken. There is no perfect time to live your life than “now”. And if you are planning to study in Sydney, I say work hard. Reach there and then experience it. How can Sydney be experienced? Nothing complicated, go to college, come back, study and take a walk around these places-:

Darling Harbour-: Known as the waterfront district, at a distance of 10 minutes from the main city, this place is heaven. From shopping, to clubs, to fantastic restaurant. You come here once and you will want to come again.

The Rocks-: Considered as a slum until the 19th century, this place is now the perfect destination with historic pubs, a weekly market, walking tours and souvenir shops. This is at the heart of Sydney, Sydney’s city center.

Coo gee Beach-: Go take a stroll along this, coo gee is one the most coveted beaches. You can stop for a film at Ritz cinema built in 1937, a heritage listed Art Deco cinema. Or have some snacks, go for some clothing deals or watch surfers.

Don’t stop yourself, don’t limit yourself, you are what you think you are.

Experience @ London

You have got 24 hours in a day. When I say “study abroad” does that mean you need to study all day long? Well not necessarily, unless you are a robot. The usual questions that comes in the mind is where should I go, if not the college? Go to college but then abroad study is not about just studying your subjects. It is about understanding the culture of the place you visit. Because you learn more from the people and the environment and the situations then you ever do from the books.

So, anyone out there who wants to do their “abroad study” in London, surely stop at the following landmarks. Because experience matters, stories matter, and books don’t teach it. Dive in with me to experience London!


It completed in 1894 and was initially disliked for its Victorian Gothic design. At present this bridge is one of the most famous bridge in the world and undeniable landmark of London.


It was named after the 17th century frilled collared shirts called “piccadils”. And housed London’s first illuminated billboards.


Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta Stone are just two of more than 80,000 historic objects that can make you awestruck. One little thing, this 80,000 is just 1% of the British Museum’s entire collection.

So, go, work hard, follow your dreams and world will be yours.

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