Experience @ London

You have got 24 hours in a day. When I say “study abroad” does that mean you need to study all day long? Well not necessarily, unless you are a robot. The usual questions that comes in the mind is where should I go, if not the college? Go to college but then abroad study is not about just studying your subjects. It is about understanding the culture of the place you visit. Because you learn more from the people and the environment and the situations then you ever do from the books.

So, anyone out there who wants to do their “abroad study” in London, surely stop at the following landmarks. Because experience matters, stories matter, and books don’t teach it. Dive in with me to experience London!


It completed in 1894 and was initially disliked for its Victorian Gothic design. At present this bridge is one of the most famous bridge in the world and undeniable landmark of London.


It was named after the 17th century frilled collared shirts called “piccadils”. And housed London’s first illuminated billboards.


Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta Stone are just two of more than 80,000 historic objects that can make you awestruck. One little thing, this 80,000 is just 1% of the British Museum’s entire collection.

So, go, work hard, follow your dreams and world will be yours.


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