Recent IELTS Exam Questions Trend

Recent IELTS Exam Questions Trend


  1. Some people are of the opinion that hard work is the key factor for success in life while others believe that other factors such as money, luck etc play a major role in deciding a persons’ success. Discuss both the sides and give your opinion.
  2. Some children start school at the age of four while others at the age of seven.
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting school at the age of four or early?
    How to the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


  1. Do you have a personal room in your house? Do you like it?
  2. Which is your favorite room in your house?
  3. Would you like to change your house? Why/why not?

Describe an advertisement that persuaded you to buy a product. You must say-:

  • Where did you saw the advertisement?
  • what was the advertisement about?
  • Why did you liked it?


  • Give your opinion about advertising world.
  • What kind of advertisement are shown in your country?
  • If you were the telecommunication minister of your country, what changes would you make, if any, in the advertising companies?

So, what are you waiting for. Go on practice them; maybe you get similar questions.

Are You Loaded For Bear ?

You need not to simply prepare for IELTS, you need to be answer,”are you loaded for bear”. What do I mean? Read more and find the answers.

A beam in your eye
Sentence-: before questioning someone, be sure you don’t have a beam in your eye.
Meaning-: a fault that is greater in yourself than in the person you are finding fault with.
Off beam
Sentence-: it really takes a strong support system to bring you back when you are off beam.
Meaning-: on the wrong track
Loaded for bear
Sentence-: you must be loaded for bear before you give your IELTS exam.
Meaning-: fully prepared for any eventuality, typically a confrontation or challenge
Beard the lion in his den
Sentence-: it is easy to win with a cat, what makes the difference is whether you beard the lion in his den.
Meaning-: confront or challenge someone on their own ground
Like a bear with a sore head
Sentence-: my brother is like a bear with a sore head
Meaning-: very irritable.
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Sentence-: It is good to be patient because sometimes even curiosity can kill the cat.
Meaning-: being too inquisitive led to an unpleasant situation
Cut Corners
Sentence-: I want you to save some money for darker times but I don’t want you to cut corners.
Meaning-: to do something badly in order to save money
Devil’s Advocate
Sentence-: The way he speaks and argues, it looks like he is devil’s advocate.
Meaning-: to counter someone’s argument
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
Sentence-: It is good to take risks but it is stupid to put all the eggs in one basket.
Meaning-: Don’t put all your resources in one possibility
Drastic times call for drastic measures
Sentence-: If you want to get a band 9 in IELTS remember, drastic times call for drastic actions.
Meaning-: if you are extremely desperate to achieve something you need to put in drastic actions

So go on, be loaded for bear and then beard the lion in his den.

Why Learn Idioms?

Idioms For 3 May #6

Are you being bugged by someone or something? What am I talking about? Go on and read more to find out what am I asking.

Be all ears
Sentence-: tell me the story of the film, I am all ears.
Meaning-: eager and ready to listen.
Be fed up with
Sentence-: I am fed up of attending college every day.
Meaning-: to hate something, even though you once liked it.
To bug-:
Sentence-: stop bugging me with your advises.
Meaning-: to bother someone
A cinch-:
Sentence-: if you are prepared well for IELTS, getting a band 8 is a cinch.
Meaning-: something very easy to do
Fresh out of something-:
Sentence-: I have got to buy some milk. We are fresh out of it now.
Meaning-: to have no more of something.

Prepare for IELTS and don’t be fed up of it in rough times, because remember, if you work hard, everything seems to be a cinch.

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Idioms For May 2 #5

Know something like the back of your hand
Sentence-: She knows java like the back her hand.
Meaning-: Know something very well.
In the nick of time
Sentence-: I got to the class just in the nick of time.
Meaning-: Not too late, but very close.
Hit the hay-:
Sentence-: I hit the hay as soon as 10:00 p:m.
Meaning-: Go to bed.
Fill in for someone
Sentence-: I tried to fill in for my mother, but then I realized there are some people who can never be fully filled up for.
Meaning-: Do their work while they are away.
Sentence-: I can’t come to the tour. Right now I am broke.
Meaning-: To have no money.

Prepare well for your IELTS. Make sure you know the vocabulary like the back of your hand and be ready to succeed.

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