Idioms For 3 May #6

Are you being bugged by someone or something? What am I talking about? Go on and read more to find out what am I asking.

Be all ears
Sentence-: tell me the story of the film, I am all ears.
Meaning-: eager and ready to listen.
Be fed up with
Sentence-: I am fed up of attending college every day.
Meaning-: to hate something, even though you once liked it.
To bug-:
Sentence-: stop bugging me with your advises.
Meaning-: to bother someone
A cinch-:
Sentence-: if you are prepared well for IELTS, getting a band 8 is a cinch.
Meaning-: something very easy to do
Fresh out of something-:
Sentence-: I have got to buy some milk. We are fresh out of it now.
Meaning-: to have no more of something.

Prepare for IELTS and don’t be fed up of it in rough times, because remember, if you work hard, everything seems to be a cinch.

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