Idioms For May 2 #5

Know something like the back of your hand
Sentence-: She knows java like the back her hand.
Meaning-: Know something very well.
In the nick of time
Sentence-: I got to the class just in the nick of time.
Meaning-: Not too late, but very close.
Hit the hay-:
Sentence-: I hit the hay as soon as 10:00 p:m.
Meaning-: Go to bed.
Fill in for someone
Sentence-: I tried to fill in for my mother, but then I realized there are some people who can never be fully filled up for.
Meaning-: Do their work while they are away.
Sentence-: I can’t come to the tour. Right now I am broke.
Meaning-: To have no money.

Prepare well for your IELTS. Make sure you know the vocabulary like the back of your hand and be ready to succeed.

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