Hold On Pain Ends

Getting a good score in IELTS is easy. Getting your dream college is just the beginning. Life does not end there. Rather, it begins from there. Surely you know English but then studying abroad is not just about knowing the language. You might be in a completely different part of the world. People with ideas that do not match yours. Maybe their way of living is different. Yes, the experience is beautiful but no one said there aren’t any hardships.

The competition is tough. You have taken the first step towards your dreams and now you have to climb the entire ladder. The motive here is not to scare you. Not even to tell you that do not study abroad, because it is tough. The point is you have to work hard to get the fruit when you are off for the study abroad. There might be times when you would be fighting the clock. There may be sleepless nights. It could be possible that you have some harsh experiences. There might be times when you could see no hope, being positive will help you. Remember, you have to die to get the heaven.

In no means abroad study difficult. You will surely have fun doing it. New people, new ideas, new places. You will learn a lot about their culture. You may even tell them about yours. There will be friendships that last forever. It is all going to be there, the fun as well as the struggle.

So, be mentally prepared. Remember, life is not walking around beaches, it is climbing the ladder. It doesn’t matter how good climber you are, what makes the difference is whether you quit or hold on.

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