Prepare For Interview

Interviews are inevitable part of ones life. It could be an interview for admission in a university or for getting a job. No matter what the interview is for, make sure you give it your best shot. But then how to give your best shot? How to prepare for interview?

Prepare For The Questions-:
An interview usually has three types of questions. The behavouriour type, questions to think and questions to ask. A behaviour question is the one related to your work or the activity you did or about your education. Question to think are think are the questions about your future plans. in the end you are given a chance to question. Make sure you know about the organization well, and ask a question related to it. Make sure you know what you have to say for a question. You need not to cram answers but the points must be clear
CV is important
A great deal of questions are asked from your CV. Make sure you prepare your CV well. you’re your cv and ask yourself questions. Pinpoint the main things about your CV and make a detailed study of it. You must know each and everything about it

You need to maintain good body postures and behave well. you need to look well and decent. Remember to be calm, during the entire interview and remain positive.

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Hold On Pain Ends

Getting a good score in IELTS is easy. Getting your dream college is just the beginning. Life does not end there. Rather, it begins from there. Surely you know English but then studying abroad is not just about knowing the language. You might be in a completely different part of the world. People with ideas that do not match yours. Maybe their way of living is different. Yes, the experience is beautiful but no one said there aren’t any hardships.

The competition is tough. You have taken the first step towards your dreams and now you have to climb the entire ladder. The motive here is not to scare you. Not even to tell you that do not study abroad, because it is tough. The point is you have to work hard to get the fruit when you are off for the study abroad. There might be times when you would be fighting the clock. There may be sleepless nights. It could be possible that you have some harsh experiences. There might be times when you could see no hope, being positive will help you. Remember, you have to die to get the heaven.

In no means abroad study difficult. You will surely have fun doing it. New people, new ideas, new places. You will learn a lot about their culture. You may even tell them about yours. There will be friendships that last forever. It is all going to be there, the fun as well as the struggle.

So, be mentally prepared. Remember, life is not walking around beaches, it is climbing the ladder. It doesn’t matter how good climber you are, what makes the difference is whether you quit or hold on.

Saying No To Friends

You cannot always say a yes to your friend or your family members. There are times when you need to turn down there offer. What happens when you do this? Are you effective doing this? Many of us are faced with the dilemma of saying no to friends. This is also because often people think that if you say a no to them, it means that you dislike them. This is not exactly what you feel or what you want to portray. So, you end up saying yes.

The other problem with saying a no is that it is quite a negative word. It could be possible that you end up losing the relationship if you say a lot of no. what to do then? Say a yes with a no. what do I mean? Let us understand this by an example.

Your friend asks you to come to the dinner party on 1st January. You don’t want to go there. perhaps because you have your own plans. How to say a no? you can say.
I am really thankful, it was so thoughtful of you. but I have got some other plans.
The benefit of saying this way is you actually accept there gratitude. So, it would be rare that they feel offensive about it. Also, it is important that you give the true reason. Honesty matters a lot.

So, be truthful, show some gratitude, say a no, and still be friends.