Make Effective Conversations

You express yourself with conversations. And when you are planning to go abroad it becomes necessary, that you are able to express yourself in a better way in English and people are able to understand you easily.
For today, let’s get started with three conversation expressions. The best part about these expressions is they never change. So, all you can do is memorize them and use them.

If you ask me-: This expression is used when you want to express your opinion about something. And it does not mean that the other person needs to actually ask your opinion, you could rather use it whenever you want to give your opinion. For e.g.-: Dehradun is a great city to live in, if you ask me.

Speaking of-: It links a new topic to an old topic. Usually when you are having a conversation, you want to link your talk, so that it seems to be going more of smoothly. For example-: Dehradun is a great city to live in. Speaking of Dehradun, do you know it is the capital of Uttarakhand? Note-: link similar things. Try to take points from what you are already speaking. Don’t be like the conversation is about aliens and you say, speaking of aliens, I think I should go shopping.

As I was saying-: it helps you to go back to an earlier point in conversation. It can be used when interruptions or may be during presentations. For example, you are having a conversation on movies, and your phone rings. What you do is, once you have attended the call, you could say, as I was saying about movies, I want to go apple uncovered tomorrow.

Go on, have conversations, make mistakes, rectify them and remember, the more you express, the better you connect.

Express Anger With Phrasal Verbs

We all have expressions. Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes sad and sometimes angry. When you will be giving the speaking section, there could be chances that you need to explain to the examiner what the things you don’t like are. In such cases, always saying, I don’t like this and then I hate that, would quite annoying for them, and could lead to you loosing marks. Phrasal verbs could be a good rescue for you.

Verb is an action. Phrasal verb has a preposition with it. Phrasal verbs are very common when we speak. The most interesting part about them is that the preposition attached to the verbs can change the meaning of these words. For e.g. , get off and get into. Although they have the same verb get, the preposition has changed their meaning. Get off means to go away and get into means to get excited about doing something.
So, let’s get started with the phrasal verbs to express anger.

Suppose you don’t like loud music. When you hear it, you tend to get a little angry. So, we will now try to describe it using the following phrasal verbs.
1.Gets to ___-: loud music gets to me.
2.Winds _____ up-: loud music winds me up.
3.Piss _____ off-: this one is a little rude. Loud music pisses me off.
4.Works___ up-: loud music works me up.
5.Ticks ___ off-: loud music ticks me off.
All of these mean to make someone angry or to make angry. You can replace the “___” with anything you like. For e.g. loud music winds her up. Or corruption usually works Indians up.

So, go on, use them and express yourself more.

Bent Over Backwards # Idioms For IELTS

If you really want to achieve things in life you need to bent over backwards. Read more and find out what is required to be successful.

As easy as pie-:
Sentence-: For some, getting a good score in IELTS is as easy as pie.
Meaning-: Very easy.
Be sick and tired-:
Sentence-: I am sick and tired of your habits.
Meaning-: you hate the habits or can’t stand them.
Bend over backwards-:
Sentence-: South Africans bent over backwards to win the match.
Meaning-: South Africans tried very hard.
Bite off more than one can chew-:
Sentence-: if you ever want to succeed, remember not to bite off more than you can chew.
Meaning-: Take more responsibility than you can handle.
Drop someone a line-:
Sentence-: just drop me a line if you visit my city.
Meaning-: Send a letter or an email.
Be a dab hand
Sentence-: Mary Kom is a dab hand at boxing.
Meaning-: to be an expert at something
By a nose
Sentence-: She won the game by a nose
Meaning-: by a very narrow margin
Bang To Rights
Sentence-: We have the bang to rights the criminals.
Meaning-: with positive proof of guilt
Get off on the right foot
Sentence-: He has finally got off the right foot on something.
Meaning-: to begin in a good way
Pick and choose
Sentence-: Selection in that company is quite tough, they actually pick and choose.
Meaning-: to choose only the most appropriate

Go on and practice these for today, make them a part of your daily conversation and remember, it is the quality that matters.


Prepare For IELTS

Do you know what exactly IELTS is? Do you know why you want to take it? Are you aware of the fact that it is not like any other competition that you give just because your parents asked you to do so? IELTS is not just an exam; it is the first step you take towards your dream. Make sure the dream is yours and not a show off. Because if it is a show off, remember you will have to pay a hell amount for that.

This in no way means that IELTS is scary. The simple fact is that once you get a good score in IELTS you would be going abroad. A new experience, different culture, new difficulties and you need to find new ways to solve them.
Assuming that you know what you are doing, and not just playing around, how to prepare for IELTS?
I say take the first step. Get to know what IELTS is about. What is the format of the exam? What are the different types of questions that are asked? Why do you want to take IELTS? Which version of IELTS would suit you? Once you are familiar with IELTS, go for the real preparation.

Mark a target for yourself. it could be a band 8 or a 9.
Go on find the resources for them.
Practice a lot. Take as many mock tests as you can.
Always remember, confidence is the most important thing. Have it in yourself. Don’t be over confident, but then never ever assume you can’t do it. Go, give your heart out to it, and see how the cards fall after that.


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