How Canadians Speak?

How Canadians Speak?

You must wondering, what do I mean how Canadians speak? Surely they either speak in English or French. But then there are some words that they speak differently from others. For e.g. Canadians usually add a “eh” after everything they speak. And today, we shall see some of them.
1.Canuck-: it is a word for Canadian. It is so famous that Canadians have a hockey name after Canuck. Hockey is a very popular game in Canada.

2.Toque-: It is a winter hat. Toque is a French word and is pronounced as to-k.

3.2-4-: it means 24 beers in a case. Canadians, also have a holiday, named May 2-4.

4.Mickey-: it is smallest amount of liquor you can buy in Canada.

5.A “40”-: It means an alcohol of 40 oz.

6.A “60”-: It means an alcohol of 60 oz.

7.Poutine-: It is French fries with cheese and gravy (beef, fat).

8.Double-double-: It is a coffee with two creams and two sugars. You use it when you visit Tim Horton’s. A double-double won’t mean the same in every restaurant.

9.A dart-: for the world, a dart may be a game but in Canada, it is a cigarette.

10.Weed-: it is a slang term for marijuana. Taking marijuana is not legal in Canada. So, if you are going to study abroad, better stay away.

11.Eh!-: a tag question. You would find Canadians speak a lot of ‘eh’. It is kind of similar to ‘huh’.

12.New fie-: new fie is used for the people who are from New Finland. They are regarded one of the most generous people.

So, if you are one of those who want to go study Canada, surely go ad try a double-double or may be poutine, stay away from weed and be a Canuck.

Describe People Accurately-2

There are so many people around you. Some of them work hard, some get angry easily. Earlier you learnt few words to describe people. We will carry on with it and grasp some more words.
1.Hard-working-: If you really try to do your work in the best possible way and if you are truly devoted to your work, you can call yourself a hard-working person.
Sentence-: Hard-work is the first step towards being successful.

2.Self-conscious-: it means similar to embarrassed or you can say you feel uncomfortable.
Sentence-: in my initial days of performing live, I used to be so self-conscious, because I realized that there are so many people looking at me.

3.Cool-headed-: You call someone cool-headed if they are they are very relaxed person and don’t panic easily.
Sentence-: we need doctors who are cool headed because they need to handle quite tough situations.

4.Hot-headed-: this is not an opposite of cool-headed. It means you just get angry quite easily.
Sentence-: You are so hot headed; do you even know the meaning of smile and courtesy?

5.Two-faced-: It does not mean the person literally has two faces. So, if there is someone who pretends to be someone on face and behaves differently behind your back, call them two-faced.
Sentence-: the girl is so damn two-faced. She is so nice on face, but once you turn back, she is the meanest of all.

Express yourself. Express accurately and increase your band. Live your dream.

Describe People Accurately-1

Often in conversations, we like to describe people and sometimes even ourselves. For example if there is a person who gets angry fast, you say, “oh he gets angry too fast”. But then when you start repeating this pattern, it could lead to you losing some marks in IELTS. It directly shows that you lack a good vocabulary. Well, English provides you with some easy adjective that could be used. These are the compound adjectives. But then what is a compound adjective?

It is a combination of two or more adjectives separated by hyphen to describe a noun. So, for today, let’s begin with the compound adjectives you can use to describe someone-:
1.Open-Minded-: describe someone or may be yourself, open-minded when they/you like to try on new things. You are okay with knowing about new culture and talking to new people.
Sentence-: it becomes very easy for you to live and study in abroad, if you are open minded.

2.Closed-Minded-: this is a opposite of open-minded. A person is closed-minded, if he/she gets uncomfortable trying new things. Or they have set patterns and rules or opinions for themselves, which they don’t want to change.
Sentence-: most of the fights can be stopped if people start looking at things from other people’s perspective also, rather than just being closed-minded.

3.Absent-Minded-: you call someone absent-minded, when they are so much engrossed in something that other things just lose their importance for them. Or maybe they are thinking about one thing that they don’t know what is going on elsewhere.
Sentence-: Anvesha is absent-minded. She forgets all about her assignments and responsibilities.

4.Laid-back-: a laid person is someone who doesn’t care much about things. They are the ones who rarely get angry or anxious.
Sentence-: she is so laid-back, I sometimes doubt, if she would ever be able to do something.

Go on. Practice them for today. There might be people around you who fit into these words. Use these words for them, experiment more and make them a part of your speaking.

Make Effective Conversations

You express yourself with conversations. And when you are planning to go abroad it becomes necessary, that you are able to express yourself in a better way in English and people are able to understand you easily.
For today, let’s get started with three conversation expressions. The best part about these expressions is they never change. So, all you can do is memorize them and use them.

If you ask me-: This expression is used when you want to express your opinion about something. And it does not mean that the other person needs to actually ask your opinion, you could rather use it whenever you want to give your opinion. For e.g.-: Dehradun is a great city to live in, if you ask me.

Speaking of-: It links a new topic to an old topic. Usually when you are having a conversation, you want to link your talk, so that it seems to be going more of smoothly. For example-: Dehradun is a great city to live in. Speaking of Dehradun, do you know it is the capital of Uttarakhand? Note-: link similar things. Try to take points from what you are already speaking. Don’t be like the conversation is about aliens and you say, speaking of aliens, I think I should go shopping.

As I was saying-: it helps you to go back to an earlier point in conversation. It can be used when interruptions or may be during presentations. For example, you are having a conversation on movies, and your phone rings. What you do is, once you have attended the call, you could say, as I was saying about movies, I want to go apple uncovered tomorrow.

Go on, have conversations, make mistakes, rectify them and remember, the more you express, the better you connect.

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