Why United States

Are you one of those who is planning to study in USA? But wondering Why United States? what is the reason that most of the students want to study there? Well, it is true that most of the students want to study in USA, but then there are reasons to it.

Academic Excellence
United States of America has one of the world’s finest university system. At the undergraduate level there are some excellent traditional as well as professional fields. At the graduate level, students have the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in their fields.
Well, variety is one of the key features of education in the United States. No matter which field you wish to study, there are a variety of programs from which you can choose. So, all you need to do is a little research and land up in the perfect program for yourself.
Cutting Edge Technology
The universities in United States proud themselves in being ahead in the game of technology. So, even if you are not studying science or engineering, you will be using the latest technology of your field.
This is one of the most important and interesting thing about a United States education. For e.g. if you choose a program in liberal arts, you can even take classes that best suit your interest outside a liberal arts program. This is helpful especially when you want to do something more dynamic. It gives you the edge on others, in terms that you have a more dynamic knowledge.
Support Services For International Students-:
Studying in united states is very exciting but you can never deny the day to day issues that you need to face. The best part is you need to actually face the issues, the college and international student office is a great resource to help you adapt to United States culturally and academically.
The help begins from the first day, when they conduct an orientation program, to the times when they provide resume and employment assistance. Any query regarding the visa status, financial situation, housing, health concern or anything else, the international student office is a go to place.
Global Opportunities-:

United States is undeniably a strong nation, with most of the strong market players situated there. These companies often look for people with not only multi-cultural language skills but those who can help communicate, negotiate and conduct business across cultures. When you study abroad, one of the most important thing that you learn is the self-confidence. You learn how to conduct yourself, how to interact.

Don’t just say you want to study in United States because most of the others want to, make sure to have your facts straight.


Becoming Entrepreneur

There are many of you who want to change the world and are stuck by the thought as to which course will help you in doing so. Although there could be many, there is this one course that is quite fascinating and seems to hit the arrow at the right place.

M.A in Global Entrepreneurship

What is the course all about?
The world need entrepreneurs and the course is designed to help in the development of some existing entrepreneurs. The main aim of this course is to equip the students with the right skills , knowledge and experience to start and maintain their own, unique and globally competitive business. Although yes, there are many other entrepreneur programs but the M.A in global entrepreneurship program goes beyond the training, and exposes the students into the real life issues.
The students are engaged into live debates across a broad spectrum of the modules pertaining to the entrepreneurial development.

What are the course requirements?
Every university has its own requirements. But, in general, work experience of minimum two years is required. Apart from this, most of the universities demand a IELTS score of 6.5 or above to get into the course.

So, if you think that you have the entrepreneur skills, if you think that you have the idea that can change the world, don’t wait for the right time, figure out more about the universities providing the course and the profile required. Remember, success is just a matter of right planning.

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Dare To Dream

Have you ever thought that you are too young to do something or may be too old to do it? Has age ever come in between of your decisions or your dreams. Well, in that case, remember age is just a number. You can always do whatever you want to do, whenever you wish like. And this time, a Pakistani girl, Sitara Brooj has proved it well.

She has become the youngest girl to have scored 9 out of 9 bands in IELTS test. When the result was announced for the first time, she got a band 8, but she was very confident that she must score band 9. And hence, she sent her scores for reevaluation and she was proved right.

This is what is required out of all the IELTS takers. I am not saying getting a band 9, I am talking of the confidence the girl had. First the confidence to dream that she could score high in IELTS and then the confidence on how well she had performed. Just think, she could have let it go. Getting a band 8 is also a big deal, but it is her confidence in her capabilities that she has set the world record.

So, dare to dream and then dare to go along the dream, even when you seem to be alone. Dream big, have confidence and achieve.


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Thick As Plank

When educated people don’t understand their responsibility, people who are thick as plank often get the responsibility. Read more to find out who gets the responsibility.

The thick of something
Sentence-: chandni chowk is the thick of delhi.
Meaning-: the busiest or most crowded part of something
Thick and fast
Sentence-: I need the results thick and fast.
Meaning-: rapidly and in great numbers
Thick as thieves
Sentence-: by the age of 20 you have someone with whom you are thick as thieves.
Meaning-: very closely or friendly; sharing secrets
Thick as two planks
Sentence-: people who are thick as two planks often tend to behave as if they are the most intelligent.
Meaning-: very stupid
Have a thin time
Sentence-: I left the job because of the thin time it had.
Meaning-: have a wretched or uncomfortable time
Mark something with a white stone
Sentence-: My admissions in Harvard School are marked with the white stone.
Meaning-: regard something to be very good or auspicious
Show The White Feather
Sentence-:This is the battle time, you cannot show the white feather.
Meaning-: behave cowardly
A white elephant
Sentence-: This phone for me not a white elephant.
Meaning-: a possession that is expensive to keep and dispose often useless
Whiter than white
Sentence-: That saint you see on television, unlike others is whiter than white
Meaning-: morally beyond reproach
A widow’s mite
Sentence-:I was saved just because of a widow’s mite.
Meaning-: a monetary contribution from someone who is poor


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