Synonyms For IELTS # Tick The Correct Option

Synonyms are words that have similar meaning to the words. Given below are sentences with a word highlighted.
Given below are words that have similar meaning to the highlighted words. You need to tick the correct option.

  1. No one could have foreseen that things would turn out this way and so soon.
    1. amulet
    2. slippery
    3. expected
    4. subway
  2. RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has a certain stature in the global financial world.
    1. status
    2. detox
    3. compelling
    4. heal
  3. It has been rightly said that in the battle of perceptions, to concede an inch is to lose several feet.
    1. festival
    2. recent
    3. hungry
    4. viewpoint
  4. With everyone waiting for the other to acct first, the onus is definitely on the political bosses to devise quick solutions to accelerate the economy.
    1. marginal
    2. blame
    3. nude
    4. eat
  5. These precepts are applicable as much to the guarantee of equal protection under the Indian Constitution.
    1. holy
    2. savage
    3. ball
    4. code
  6. The answer in the majority’s opinion was a resounding yes.
    1. flicker
    2. earsplitting
    3. entrance
    4. dreamless
  7. The thrust of his reasoning, however, lies in giving recognition to the fundamental dignity of individual.
    1. core
    2. decipher
    3. bump
    4. frantic
  8. It is inevitable that such a ruling occasions an evaluation of where India stands.
    1. gang
    2. inescapable
    3. flood
    4. fiend
  9. It may seem unlikely that parties embroiled in electoral politics will risk antagonising conservative sections of society.
    1. jade
    2. curious
    3. pure
    4. entangle
  10. The restraint that the court has shown in not striking down section 377 fell short of Indian Judicial standards.
    1. ghoul
    2. corruption
    3. restriction
    4. gangland

1. C
2. A
3. D
4. B
5. D
6. B
7. A
8. B
9. D
10. C


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