Learn Vocabulary Better-2


There are 29 highlighted words in the passage below. Find out if you know their meaning and mark yourself on 29.
Then there’s the guest list glaze-daze. There are 165 newbie MPs from the ruling BJP party alone, all wide-eyed and bashful but pooh-poohed on the social register; there are the popular cabinet ministers, prominent but desperately trying to be inconspicuous; the allies are banished to their own states; the recently booted congress is reduced to a lame three-and-a half dozen Lok Sabha MPs; and then there’s the omnipresent prime minister who is suspicious of anything resembling Mughal court and of anyone remotely being extravagant. So, who do you invite to dinner?
Well, it’s simple as swapping the victorious with the losers. Power-worshipping Delhi is treacherous and cruel- you are as good as your last election or position- and everyone plays by the rules of the game. So, it’s the BJP’S Mr. Geniality, Arun Jaitley, and his clubby posse of chums who rule the red carpet. Jaitley has taken the shimmer from rivals P. Chidambram, Kapil SIbal and Salman Khurshid, while second rung ministers Jayant Sinha, Piyush Goel, Rudy Pratap Singh, Ravi Shankar Prasad etc have nudged out Subbirami Reddy, Anand Sharma, Abhishek Singhvi. But Jaitley and his crew have always been part of the gilt-edged power salon. His entourage include a chipper lawyer, a garrulous networker, a sprinkling of hacks, their wives; and their favorite, stomping ground ranges from a newspaper heiress’s drawing room to several tycoons’ soirees.
The passage has been taken from OUTLOOK MAGAZINE EDITION:12 JANUARY 2015

Vocabulary words

Vocabulary words


The word is made up of two words. First being glaze and the other daze. Glaze means dull or showing no feeling or emotion. Daze means in a confused state. So the word glaze-daze means that the guest list is probably confused and sitting in quite a dull way.
A newbie is a person who is new in doing something i.e. has less experience. The words is usually used with computers. In the sentence, it simply means that the 165 appointed MPs are new to the job.
This word has more meaning. The meaning used here is : having very less experience and so ready to believe, trust or accept something. In the paragraph, it simply means that the new MPs are open to new and different circumstances and challenges.
Bashful means shy and easily embarrassed; herein it means that the MPs are feeling quite shy(after all it is all new to them).
Pooh-pooh means to say that the idea or suggestion is not worth taking or even worth thinking. “pooh-poohed on the social register”, they are not liked by people in society.
Prominent has more than one meaning. The one that is used in the context means, important or well known. So, the cabinet ministers are well known.
Inconspicuous simply means not attracting attention. Herein it means that although the cabinet ministers are quite popular they don’t want to attract any more attention.
Allies means grouped together. Here it means that the parties that came together and formed allies(became one) are not allowed in their states.
Banished means to order somebody to leave a particular place. Like in here the allies are asked to leave their own states.
Omnipresent means present everywhere. In the context, it is used sarcastically.
Suspicious has similar but many other meaning. The one used here means, not willing or able to trust somebody or something. It is used when suspicious is used to refer to somebody/something. In reference to context it means that the prime minister tries to be everywhere because he does not trust something.
Resembling means to look like or similar to something or a person. “Resembling to Mughal court means looking like it”.
Remotely means to a very slight degree. It is often used in negative sentences. It also has other meanings as well.
Extravagant means to spend a lot more money that you earn or spending more than necessary. “Anyone remotely being extravagant”, means spending slightly more money.
Treacherous refers to anything that is dangerous and not safe. In the context it simply means that Delhi is dangerous and cruel….
Geniality means friendly and cheerful. “In the paragraph, the writer states that Arun Jaitley always seems friendly and cheerful.”
Clubby means friendly and sociable with fellow members of a group but not with outsiders.
Posse refers to a group of people who are similar in some way.
Chum means a friend. “clubby posse of chums” means the friends of Arun Jaitley who are similar to him and friendly inside but not sociable.
Shimmer means to shine with small shining wavering light. Herein it means Jaitley has taken the spot light from others.
Nudge means to gently push. “Nudged —— them out means they gently pushed them away.
Glit-edged means to have the best quality.
Power salon is made of two words; power and salon. Salon means a stylish business establishment. Arun Jaitley is part of “glit-edged power salon” means he is part of the best quality power establishment.
Entourage refers to a group of people who go with or assist an important person.
Chipper means alert. “Chipper lawyer” means an alert lawyer.
“Garrulous” refers to a person who talks a lot.
This is made of two words, sprinkling and hacks. Hacks means servant while sprinkling means scattering. So, it refers to his scattered servants.
Stomping although has many meanings. Here it means a kind of dance done with fast music.

Soirees refers to an evening party or a social gathering held for a particular purpose.
“Tycoon soirees” means an evening party of wealthy people.

Some say that your marks define how good or bad you are!! I say, marks don’t decide anything nor define anything, if you have the urge to learn new things, have the faith in you, and hope burning inside.


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