Bent Over Backwards # Idioms For IELTS

If you really want to achieve things in life you need to bent over backwards. Read more and find out what is required to be successful.

As easy as pie-:
Sentence-: For some, getting a good score in IELTS is as easy as pie.
Meaning-: Very easy.
Be sick and tired-:
Sentence-: I am sick and tired of your habits.
Meaning-: you hate the habits or can’t stand them.
Bend over backwards-:
Sentence-: South Africans bent over backwards to win the match.
Meaning-: South Africans tried very hard.
Bite off more than one can chew-:
Sentence-: if you ever want to succeed, remember not to bite off more than you can chew.
Meaning-: Take more responsibility than you can handle.
Drop someone a line-:
Sentence-: just drop me a line if you visit my city.
Meaning-: Send a letter or an email.
Be a dab hand
Sentence-: Mary Kom is a dab hand at boxing.
Meaning-: to be an expert at something
By a nose
Sentence-: She won the game by a nose
Meaning-: by a very narrow margin
Bang To Rights
Sentence-: We have the bang to rights the criminals.
Meaning-: with positive proof of guilt
Get off on the right foot
Sentence-: He has finally got off the right foot on something.
Meaning-: to begin in a good way
Pick and choose
Sentence-: Selection in that company is quite tough, they actually pick and choose.
Meaning-: to choose only the most appropriate

Go on and practice these for today, make them a part of your daily conversation and remember, it is the quality that matters.


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