Exercise 204 #Synonym

Given below are five sentences, with each sentence having a word highlighted. Your task is to find the meaning of that word amongst the four options given.

Exercise 204

  1. The dramatic decade straddles many worlds.
    1. An object that fits into the top of a bottle to close it.
    2. A small decorative object in house
    3. To exist within, or include, different periods of time, activities or group of people.
    4. The place where something important comes from
  2. The books covers three epochal events that shaped the political landscape and discourse of the country.
    1. A very large see monster.
    2. A period of time in history, especially one during which important events or changes happen.
    3. To criticize somebody or something very strongly
    4. Not socially acceptable, but often still attractive despite this.
  3. Winter gripped the capital, wrapping it in a sheet of mist.
    1. Hold somebody or something tightly
    2. To interest or excite somebody
    3. Never end or improve
    4. A person’s intelligence
  4. The daily routine of my work life carries on unabated.
    1. Used as a friendly way of addressing sb.
    2. Connected with the earliest origins of life
    3. Without becoming less strong
    4. To give a long cry
  5. I still remember the sting of my school master’s cane.
    1. The darkest part of a shadow
    2. No longer having an effect or influence.
    3. Born dead
    4. Any sharp pain in your body or mind



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