Make A Sentence # Scrambled Words

Given below are sentences that have been jumbled up. You need to rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences. Make sure you write down every word that has been given in the sentence.

  1. The /finance/were/ dependent/ on/ it/ for/agriculture /contributed /only /15% /to/ the / minister/ said/ that/ although /economy/,/ 55% /of/ Indians/living/./

ANSWER The finance minister said that although agriculture contributed only 15% to the economy, 55% of Indians were dependent on it for living.

2. The /finance/steel /sector /and/ on/ addressing /problems/ of/ the/ moving/./got/ highway/minister /said/ that /the/ government / projects / had/ moved /ahead/

ANSWER The finance minister said that the government had moved ahead on addressing problems of the steel sector and got highway projects moving.

3. Banks/ reasons/./discoms /for/ their/fund /state /political/ cannot /indefinitely/

ANSWER Banks cannot indefinitely fund state discoms for their political reasons.

4. the/ drop /in/ global/ oil/an/ opportunity /to/ give /the /additional/ push /savings/ from /prices /provides /to/ infrastructure/./ and/ commodity/ According/ to /Jaitley/,/ the /

ANSWER According to Jaitley, the savings from the drop in global oil and commodity prices provides an opportunity to give the additional push to infrastructure.

5. He/ said /of/and /new /areas/,/ for/ whom /that/ education/ and /the /spread/ new /cities/ electronic /and/ digital /media / of/ people /were/ increasing /the /suburbs/ were/ the/ destination/in /rural /aspiration/./

ANSWER He said that education and the spread of electronic and digital media were increasing the aspiration of people in rural areas, for whom new cities and new suburbs were the destination.

6. We /need/ and /economy /grows/ sure /that/years/gets/ out/ of/which /it/ was/ in/ a/ couple /of/ therefore/,/ to/ make / the /slowdown/ situation/,/  our / ago/./

ANSWER We need, therefore, to make sure that our economy grows and gets out of the slowdown situation which it was in a couple of years ago

7. Central / targets should/ focus/ quickly /creating/government/ a/instead/ growth / conducive/ environment / of/ talking /about/for/ business/./

ANSWER Central govt instead of talking about growth targets should focus quickly creating a conducive environment for business.

8. The/ to /bitter/ foes /Nitish Kumar /of/ the /Bihar / today’s/ romantic /lead/./election/ so /far/ is /and /have/ turned /into/biggest/ surprise /how /yesterday’s /Lalu Prasad /seem /

ANSWER The biggest surprise of the Bihar election so far is how yesterday’s bitter foes Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad seem to have turned into today’s romantic lead.

9. There/ would / were /doubts/ that/ self-destruct/ during/ the/itself/./their/ new /alliance/ election/ campaign /

ANSWER There were doubts that their new alliance would self-destruct during the election campaign itself.

10. Every/hard/,/ fast/ opposition/ is /rebutted / and/ in/ concert/./ charge/

ANSWER Every opposition charge is rebutted hard, fast and in concert.


Make A Sentence # Disarranged Words

Given below are words that have been jumbled up. You need to rearrange the words and make meaningful sentences. Make sure that you use all the words, including the punctuation mark, given in the question.

  1. The/escalated/ the /political/ crisis/ in /this/ Ahmed /Adheeb/,/ the /Vice-President/ of/ the /democracy/,/ already/ fragile/Maldives/, /has / young / dramatic/ arrest/ last/ week /of/./

ANSWER The dramatic arrest last week of Ahmed Adheeb, the Vice-President of the Maldives, has escalated the political crisis in this young democracy, already fragile.

2.  If /the / true/,/in/ a /transparent/ it/ should / claims/ impartial/be /ready /to/                 try/ Mr. Adheeb /government’s/ process/./are/and /

ANSWER  If the government’s claims are true, it should be ready to try Mr. Adheeb in a transparent and impartial process.

3.  Each/and/ a/ general/ atmosphere /of/ intolerance/together/ rationalists/ and/ writers/,/ minority/ communities they  /frame /a/ collective/ towards /people/ belonging/ to/ one /capacity/,/ but /response /to/ incidents /of/ lynching/,/questions/ the /government /in /an/ individual / murder /of//./

ANSWER  Each one questions the government in an individual capacity, but together they frame a collective response to incidents of lynching, murder of rationalists and writers, and a general atmosphere of intolerance towards people belonging to minority communities.

4.  But / a/ stronger /partnership/and /African /countries /since /the/ 1990s /economic/ policies/./ with/ as/ the/ country /recalibrated/India /lost/ some/ momentum /in/ building/ its/ foreign /

ANSWER  But India lost some momentum in building a stronger partnership with African countries since the 1990s as the country recalibrated its foreign and economic policies.

5. Each /wave /  of/ the/ government/political/the /questions /posed/ of/ protest /refreshes /and /clarifies/and /its / intent/./

ANSWER Each wave of protest refreshes and clarifies the questions posed of the government and its political intent.

6.  The/ was/ first/ slide/idea /of/ to/ arrest /this / and /reboot /the /relationship/./the/ India-Africa/ summit/ mooted /

ANSWER  The idea of the India-Africa summit was first mooted to arrest this slide and reboot the relationship.

7.They/ cannot/State/ governments /to/ maintain/ law /and/ order/./ get/ away/ by/ evasively/ blaming /for/ failing/

ANSWER They cannot get away by evasively blaming State governments for failing to maintain law and order.

8. No/ than /politics/ are /less /compatible/ and /science/./ two/ disciplines/

ANSWER No two disciplines are less compatible than politics and science.

9.  The/ Prime/ Minister/ has/ than/ a/ ,/ is/ not/ represented /that /Africa/,/ with /more/quarter/ of/ the /members /of/ the /UN/in/ the /powerful/ UN /body/./ also/ noted /

ANSWER  The Prime Minister has also noted that Africa, with more than a quarter of the members of the UN, is not represented in the powerful UN body.

10. Their/ demands / for /the/ removal/ of/ the / remain /the /institute/ and/ three /unmet/./head/ of/other /NDA /appointees/

ANSWER Their demands for the removal of the head of the institute and three other NDA appointees remain unmet.


Rearranging Words # Practice Writing

Given below are sentences that have been jumbled up. You need to rearrange the given words and make meaningful sentences. I hope rearranging words will give you a better idea of how effective sentences are made.

  1. Usha/profile/connect/started/consumer/with/youth/its/making/the/products/became/to/as/younger.  ANSWER Usha started making products to connect with the youth as its consumer profile became younger.
  2. The/under/RBI/the/by/minimum/last/has/scheme/gold/notified/fixed/30/deposit/grams/the/as/the/size/government/monetization/week.
    ANSWER The RBI has fixed 30 grams as the minimum deposit size under the gold monetization scheme notified by the government last week.
  3. Asian/who/of/consumers/choice/was/market/woman/of/paints/the/research/home/making/the/recently/that/is/realised/its/from/house/the/décor.
    ANSWER Asian paints recently realized from market research that its consumers is the woman of the house who was making the choice of home décor.
  4. The/services/way/and/common/,/man/humane/communicating/capacities/more/craves/better/increased/a/of/
    ANSWERThe common man craves better services, increased capacities and a more humane way of communicating.
  5. Government/of/speed/metros/and/bullet/quadrilateral/has/trains/major/freight/diamond/articulated/its/the/vision/of/developing/,/network/,/of/high/railways/connecting/dedicated/corridors.
    ANSWER Government has articulated its vision of developing bullet trains, the diamond quadrilateral of network of high speed railways connecting major metros, and dedicated freight corridors.
  6. He/their/exploiting/for/commission’s/peons/in/also/like/alleged/its/involved/that/are/workers/the/officers/domestic/work.
    ANSWER He also alleged that the commission’s officers are involved in exploiting its workers like peons for their domestic work.
  7. Some/,/good/people/and/think/that/that/football/everyone/is/to/like/play/has/the/theatre/guy.
    ANSWER Some people think that football is like theatre, and that everyone has to play the good guy.
  8. The/in/20/the/turnover/have/wealthiest/a/world/cumulative/of/clubs/$6.2 billion.
    ANSWER The 20 wealthiest clubs in the world have a cumulative turnover of $ 6.2 billion.
  9. It/two/honestly/is/,/always/there/are/hard/top/because/players.
    ANSWER It is always hard, honestly, because there are two top players.
  10. Some/that/fewer/who/a/eat/people/based/meat/that/to/have/red/plant/eat/shown/of/studies/lot/tend/foods/protect/cancer.
    ANSWER Studies have shown people who eat a lot of red meat tend to eat fewer plant based foods that protect against cancer.


Make A Sentence – 1 # Practice Writing

Given below are sentences that have been jumbled up. You need to arrange them in an order to make a sentence.
To learn about sentences, click here.

  1. with/bind/hospital/teenager/Four/to/to/paramedics/a/a/wrestle/,/trying/him/bed.
    ANSWERFour paramedics wrestle with a teenager, trying to bind him to a hospital bed.
  2. Poland/first/addressing/start/Europe/countries/was/one/of/the/the/in/to/systematically/problem.
    ANSWERPoland was one of the first countries in Europe to start systematically addressing the problem.
  3. Employees/does/do/not/ability/during/their/breaks/cannot/be/lunch/it/sacked/on/for/their/impact/if/watching/porn/to/work.
    ANSWERSEmployees cannot be sacked for watching porn during their lunch breaks if it does not impact on their ability to do their work.
  4. Cocaine/each/sized/regularly /of/in/jungle/disappears/region/Cessna/upward/aloft/planeloads/ from/206/ the Ireland/,/worth/$7.2 million/overseas.
    ANSWERCocaine regularly disappears aloft from the Ireland sized jungle region in Cessna 206 planeloads, each worth upward of $7.2 million overseas.
  5. I/than/found/bears/have/fruits/mercy/always/that/richer/strict/justice.
    ANSWERI have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.
  6. Fiscal/that/be/numbers/probably/a/cautioned/the/ hawks/positive/ called/sign/improvement/ the/but/ deficit/they/would/fleeting.
    ANSWERFiscal hawks called the deficit numbers a positive sign, but they cautioned that the improvement would probably be fleeting.
  7. In/sack/the/a/a/man/court/caught/the/smoking/found/cannabis/was/during/ separate/carmaker/ ruling/its/rights/ on/to/his/lunch/ Wednesday/within/break.
    ANSWERIn a separate ruling on Wednesday the court found the carmaker was within its rights to sack a man caught smoking cannabis during his lunch break.
  8. In/any/in/an/ fact/,/for/ we/which/ do/last/reasonable/would/period/ not/scenario/ foresee/it/extended/of/time.
    ANSWER In fact, we do not foresee any reasonable scenario in which it would last for an extended period of time.
  9. The/to/details/further/for/the/were/operation/group/unit/then/of/the/transferred/IS/action.
    ANSWER The details were then transferred to the operation unit of the IS group for further action.
  10. Meanwhile/less/financial/year/president/the/,/deficit/in/is/latest/than/the/which/fallen/,/figures/has/showed/to/that/2015/$439 billion/$44 billion/Obama’s/forecast/budget/2016.
    ANSWER Meanwhile, latest figures showed that the deficit in 2015 has fallen to $439 billion, which is $ 44 billion less than the forecast president Obama’s budget for financial year 2016.


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