Phase 2 Tips : Speaking Test

Phase 2 Tips- Speaking Test

In Phase 2 of the speaking test. You are asked to make a presentation on a topic. It will always be something person, like talking about a holiday you went on. After the test, many candidates suggest they didn’t know about the topic which is why they couldn’t answer the question. Clearly, this can’t be the case. What they mean is they couldn’t answer the question because they couldn’t think of what to say. If this is the case for you, during the one minute you have to prepare, brainstorm your answer. For example, the assessor my ask you to talk about a holiday you really enjoyed. On you piece of paper, write down questions words:

Who with?

When you have asked the questions, answer them:

Where? Dehradun
When? last year
Why? celebrate end exams
What? climbed hills / water rafting
Who with? uni friends
How? bus from Delhi to Dehradun Etc.


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