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The is called the definite article. We use the when we are talking about something that has already been mentioned.

  • She is wearing a red dress and a black jacket. The dress is very stylish.
  • They have a dog. The dog is black and white.
  • We use the when we are talking about a specific person or thing, or if there is only one, or if it is clear which one we are talking about.
  • He chose a book and started to read. — one of many books
  • He chose the book that his sister had recommended. — a specific book
  • He took the newspaper and started to read. — there is only one newspaper.
  • Can you turn on the computer? — it’s clear we are talking about the computer in this room
  • She has to see the doctor on Friday. — it’s clear we are talking about her usual doctor
  • She needs to see a doctor. — not any specific doctor
  • Icarus flew too close to the sun — there is only one sun
  • The best city I’ve ever visited is Rome. — there can only be one best city.


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