Most Common Speaking Task 2 Topics

Most Common Speaking Task 2 Topics

• homework or project, did in school
• app
• trip or journey, short, want to go again
• something, do to keep you healthy
• family event, happy
• person, a good cook
• something, do to help a stranger
• sports, exciting, like to do in the future
• tv program or radio, talk about often with friends or family
• ambition, not achieved yet
• place, with a lot of color
• something, borrowed from other people
• vehicle, want to have/buy
• family member, work with
• movie, want to watch again
• person, want to be similar to
• place, historical
• job, important in your country
• singer or band, like
• something, want to buy in the future
• something, want to learn but can’t now
• sportsmen
• toy, childhood

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